SWTOR Leveling Guide Complete Star Wars The Old Republic Guide

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SWTOR Leveling Guide  Complete Star Wars The Old Republic Guide
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Max Out Your Character – Use Advanced Cl Specializations – Get The Best Gear & Weapons – Reach The Credit Limit Fast – Dominate PVP & More…

Check Out The Rest Of The FREE Videos On This Page As A Preview Of The Level Of Content You Get With SWTOR Savior!

Let’s get you all set up with the easiest Interface settings which can make the difference in a heated battle!

Multiple routes available ranging from SUPER FAST leveling to EXTENSIVE leveling if you want to see everything the game has to offer!

Once you have leveled one toon to level 55 the game has only just begun and we will make your family tree one of the strongest in the galaxy!

SWTOR Savior is now completely updated for the 1.5 patch! This patch is the BIGGEST yet and many changes!

Featuring a full quest line, Explosive Conflict Nightmare mode guides, new Section X Daily guides and more…

The 1.5 patch some new daily missions known as Section X that expand on the Dread Masters story line and we give you a guide for ALL of them…

SWTOR is going free to play and whether you are just joining as a young Padawan or are a General of the galaxy we give you a guide to what you need to know!

We give you a guide to Cartel coins, how to get them, how much they cost and more importantly what you should buy with them!

Get Access today and view our updated guide for builds and rotations for 1.5 to match ANY playstyle…

SWTOR Savior has been updated for the new "Relics of the Gree" event with guides, walkthroughs and tips to make sure you get the best rewards in game first!

We show you how to make the most out of the new "Galactic Reputation" system and work your way up from "Outsider" to "Legend" fast…

The 1.7 updates brings with it a new Cartel pack – this one is called the "Space Pirate Pack" and we give our review as well as advise on how to get this fast and whether or not you need it…

We also run through the updates to the Cartel Market and what we consider the best items you need….

We give you a complete set of builds for leveling (PVE), PVP and also different styles of play such as tanking, support, DPS etc… and full rotations and stat priorities to use.

You can now get reputation trophies through the daily space missions – we show you how to get them fast!

We have been working on the PTS to plot a course up to level 55 for all cl es. When the expansion pack is officially released we will tweak the paths but for now you can get a headstart and see the content first!

Patch 2.0 brings in a lot of cl changes. We make sure you have updated builds for all cl es and PVE, PVP and more…

We run through the cl changes and the new abilities that the expansion will bring and how you can use your new cl to your advantage.

Patch 2.0 brings in a new "S and Villainy" Flashpoint as well as hard mode for the other Flashpoints. We show you how to master them!

2.0 has expanded the Legacy system to incorporate Legacy achievements. We show you how to make the most of the achivements and how to unlock them all!

Complete Written And Video Guides To ALL Gathering And Crafting Professions Inside The SWTOR Savior Members Area!

Your SWTOR guide was not my first choice – I tried 2 other sites **** and ************ before your site.

I purchased your guide as I received early access and wanted to make the most of my time in game before the launch.

Really pleased (and relived) so thought I would send you a quick email to say Thanks for an awesome guide and the forum is an AWESOME feature!

Just checking out the builds section in the forum and trying a few leveling builds as my main is a Jedi Consular but I also feel compelled to go dark side with a Sith Inq. as well.

Ultimate Cl Guide We include a complete cl guide that will guide you through the right cl for you and give you a complete skills list for general and advanced cl es….

As well as needing to know your cl inside out you will need some decent builds if you want to last against the tougher mobs in the game…

We are so sure that you will love SWTOR Saviour and that it will VASTLY improve your game we are going to give you a full 60 days to use the guide for FREE.

Purchase the guide and at any time in the… Read more…

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