The Elder Scroll Online Guide

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The Elder Scroll Online Guide
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Finally, one of my most beloved fantasy worlds was stepping onto the MMO scene, and I was going to be one of the first players to try it out. I also happened to be a player familiar with other such MMOs, such as Rift and Lord of the Rings Online.

I was eager for a different experience that would remind me of Skyrim and Oblivion, but one that would also fit well within the MMO genre. The Elder Scrolls Online has proven to be just such a game.

When I let on that I had a beta key and that the infamous non-disclosure agreement had been lifted, a friend approached me and inquired about beginning work on a guide that would be made available soon after the release of the game.

I was all too eager to turn my beta experience and early playing time after release into useful content for other players, so I agreed to the project.

While I did my beta player duty to report the occasional bug or inconsistency, I was more on the lookout for the tricks and calculations that would make my guide great.

I delved heavily into crafting, examined the wide variety of cl builds, and went on the hunt for the most lucrative quests and bosses in each area. I also collaborated with some other beta players I knew to create a pool of knowledge for the guide.

When the game was finally released, I went back through my original discoveries and cleaned up the various changes the developers had put in just before release.

This guide took months of work and collaboration to put together in its completed form. Many of the strategies were born of trial and error, putting together bits and pieces of information from player comments, videos and forum posts and then seeing if they actually worked the way they were supposed to.

In staying true to the spirit of Elder Scrolls, a style that I strongly believe in, I have also left some areas of this guide open-ended. While I have provided builds and strategies that I think are best, I also discuss alternate combinations that could work for another player.

I have identified areas of the game where it might be best to experiment and tinker even further. One thing my guide does best is to give players a solid foundation upon which they can build to make a character and gameplay experience that is truly their own.

I am presenting a piece of work that I am proud to share with other players, and one that I know will help them excel in the game.

This guide offers a complete view of the game, including everything a new player needs to know to be successful.

How long does it take to reach level 50 in ESO? The real answer may depend on just how many hours you can pour into the game. Reports vary widely, from as little as 54 hours, to as many as 150 hours. I’ve always been highly skeptical of the ridiculous times some players quote for reaching level cap. Using the strategies presented in this guide the average player should be staring level 50 in the face in about a week’s time. The good news is that they still get to have a life away from the computer screen for that week. You don’t have to put life on hold just to reach endgame. These tips will direct you to rich questing areas and give you general methods to maximize your experience point gain without spoiling too much content. You can feel free to read the guide completely, and you still get some surprise and challenge out of the game. After all, where’s the fun in knowing what’s behind every corner?

There are many ways to make some coin in ESO. I explored a variety of strategies with a focus on making sure that everything I did was actually fun, and didn’t result in endless hours of mind-numbing crafting hunts or mob grinds. With these strategies, you can get all the gold you will need and still have fun with the game while getting it.

Finding elusive skyshards tered throughout the game world is very important for improving your character in ESO. Every three skyshards you find will grant you an extra skill point, and this guide points out the locations of all those hard-to-find skyshards.

The cl system in ESO is quite unique and interesting. This is where the game shines in the spirit of Elder Scrolls games. While there are only four starting cl es, there is so much customization within those cl es that a whole section can be devoted to each one. That is exactly what I have done with this guide. It details… Read more…

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