A & P Electronic Media – Digital Publishing by Aaron Murakami & Peter Lindemann – Leading Publishers of Advanced Energy Science

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A & P Electronic Media – Digital Publishing by Aaron Murakami & Peter Lindemann - Leading Publishers of Advanced Energy Science
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You have found the home of some of the most RARE and POWERFUL content available anywhere in the world offline or online – please have a look around.

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Also, we have an energy technology products line that includes the world’s most powerful Tesla technology battery chargers from EnergenX and the industry standard fluid conditioning technology by Magnetizer.

Bedini SG – The Complete Beginner’s Handbook Bedini SG – The Complete Intermediate Handbook Save on Home Energy

Wireless Giant of the Pacific by Eric Dollard – “Conventional Radio Technology Based On Transverse Electromagnetic Waves Propagated In The Air Was Always A Diversion! Now, After 100 Years of Suppression, You Can Find Out How The Original Longitudinal Electrostatic ‘Wireless’ Communication System Really Worked. Using The Historic Backdrop Of The Marconi-Transoceanic Station At Bolinas, California, Engineer Eric P. Dollard Tells The Uncensored Details Of How The Technology Actually Worked AND The Methods Of Denial And Sabotage Used Against Him In His Efforts To Protect And Do ent The Site While Reconstructing The Technologies Used There.”Visit Homepage: Wireless Giant of the Pacific

Battery Rejuvenation, The Art & Science of Nursing Dead Batteries Back to Life by Peter Lindemann, DSc – Peter expands upon the material in Battery Secrets by revealing the entire process of Battery Rejuvenation. This includes the chemistry in the battery, the equipment necessary for rejuvenation, the method of determining which batteries will rejuvenate easily, and the criteria for making battery rejuvenation a viable business.Visit Homepage: Battery Rejuvenation

Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries by Jim Murray – Most people believe that Nikola Tesla made his primary contributions to the field of electrical science. In this presentation, Jim Murray retraces his decades of research into Tesla’s discoveries concerning mechanical power. This 90 minute lecture includes over 90 Power Point slides, showing the results of dozens of original experiments and their startling implications.Visit Homepage: Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries

Open System Thermodynamics by Peter Lindemann, DSc – “We’ve all heard that the laws of thermodynamics say that a machine cannot produce more energy than it runs on. But that is only true using closed system thermodynamics. In 1977 a Nobel Prize was awarded for the discoveries of Open-System Thermodynamics, where environmental inputs can add to user inputs to produce super efficient systems. Therefore, we CAN and DO have machines that can produce more energy than we have to supply and no laws of physics are broken.”Visit Homepage: Open System Thermodynamics

Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity by Eric Dollard – “This is Eric Dollard’s most important work and a companion book will be coming soon. This lecture describes how AC electricity really works using his famous Four-Quadrant Theory, which is rooted in the work of Charles Steinmetz. For the first time ever, you will see how AC is really a rotating electromagnetic field around the power wires just like a driveshaft and this rotating field is what actually turns a motor that it is connected to.”The book was not a part of the conference but came later when Eric put the presentation in book form. This book is what you need if you really want to study the mathematics at a deeper level.Visit Homepage: Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity

Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 2 by Paul Bab – Paul picks up where he left off from Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 1. This time he presents all the math necessary to calculate how much radiant energy is contributing to the production of new energy in the system. He also shows a demo of his highly efficient motor running.Visit Homepage: Magnetic Energy Secrets

Bedini SG – The Complete Beginner’s Handbook by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami – Building a Bedini SG is a Right Of P age For Anyone Seeking REAL Free Energy! Save Thousands Of Hours Of Research, and Eliminate Trial & Error! For The First Time Ever, The Entire Bedini SG Schematic, Parts List, Detailed Building Instructions and Circuit Operation Theory are Revealed All In One Place.

Bedini SG – The Complete Intermediate Handbook by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami – This takes everything you learned in the beginner’s handbook to the next level. Building upon the original Bedini SG, you’ll learn how to critically balance the circuit and charge and discharge capacitors so you can get more output for less input. You’ll also learn a bunch of John Bedini’s personal tricks to enhance efficiency even more.

The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor by Mark McKay, E.E. – E.V. Gray’s Motor is One of the Most Sought After Technologies in the History of Exotic Energy Science. What You are About to Learn is the Real Story of Ed Gray and the Astonishing Path He Travelled… Read more…

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