The Flight Attendant’s Bible

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The Flight Attendant’s Bible
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You want to be a painter and make a living, too? You want to be a writer and never worry about rent money again? You just want to explore the world and find out who you really are, while keeping the job of your dreams?

The ones who tell you to get a “real job”? The ones who tell you to “grow up”? The ones who think hood means “fun time over”?

You know life is much more than that! Life doesn`t happen in a cubicle. Life doesn`t happen after 5 pm. And life doesn`t happen in your home town. Life happens every minute of every hour, anywhere you go… and you`re there to enjoy it to the fullest. Work AND fun. Learn AND play. Make a living AND make a difference.

Live your dream. Cliche? Only for the ones who stopped trying. But take it from a person who`s tried and succeeded: There is nothing… NOTHING more fulfilling… than living the life you`ve dreamed of! And if you`re like me and you think your soul is what matters most… more than an 8-figure bank account or a “real” job … then keep reading.

This is your story. Right now, you`re taking your first step. And this one is the hardest, because it takes courage. The courage to stop living the life others want you to live… and start following your dreams.  And I`ll show you how to do it in just a second. But first…

Let me introduce myself properly: My name is Daniel, I`m 34 and I`ve been a flight attendant for the past 10 years. The most beautiful years of my life. I`ve traveled to 16 countries on 4 continents (for free!)… I`ve met extraordinary people down the road and made friends for life. I`ve chosen my family. That`s me in the photo below.

Why do I covered my face? The airline company I work for asked me to cover my face. Just in case I end up a superstar, like my colleague here:

In fact… we like to have A LOT of fun! But flight attendant life isn`t all about traveling and partying.

It`s much more than that. It`s fulfilling and amazing on all levels, both professionally and personally. Just take a look at the 7 perks of flight attending:

Perk #1:  You choose your own lifestyle Flight attending allows you to choose your own lifestyle… and change it whenever you please. Why get stuck in a rut when you can adapt your lifestyle to your needs and wants? Whether you want to party every second you`ve got off work or take the time to experience different cultures (visit museums, go to concerts and festivals, or have a taste of the local cuisine)… it`s your choice. You`ve got hotel parties every night and also free tickets to the opera, ballet, concerts… and even the Olympics! Experience them all or follow your interests. You`re free to do w ver you please.

Perk #2: Enjoy the ultimate flexibility NO other job allows you this much flexibility. Not even freelancing! And here`s why:

Perk #3: You`ve got time to follow other p ions As I said earlier, you can take up to 17 days off work every month. Write, paint, garden, design clothes, hold motivational conferences around the world, get to know different cultures, take photographs, make street art… W ver it is you want to do… now you`ll have the time, the money, and the inspiration.

Canoeing in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam                              Horseback riding around Dallas, USA

Perk #4: No need to worry about “ life” responsibilities Flight attending guarantees you a lucrative benefits package:

So you get all the benefits of a “serious job”… and enjoy your life uncaged by the routine of a 9-to-5. And you`ll never ever have to ask yourself “where am I going to get rent money this time?” ever again!

Perk #5: Free ticket around the world Seriously, who doesn`t want to travel and explore the unknown? But usually, there are two major impediments: time and money. For a flight attendant, these two impediments are eliminated…

Perk #6: Feel loved and supported even at your lowest Once you`re crew, there will be NO place in the world where you won`t find a warm bed, a friend in need, a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh for hours on end with… In my ten years as a flight attendant, I`ve witnessed humanity at its highest point: … Helping a colleague go through her mother`s death, raising money for a single dad to raise his twins, and even adopting 13 kittens found under… Read more…

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