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eTrainer – A Simple, Smart and Affordable Online Training Solution for SAP Career. A Training system based on Training logic, Client Requirements and Certification Preparation. To build your CONFIDENCE for a bright SAP Career,we have designed 3 different Phases to take you from Base level. This is an integrated Software of Trainer,Step by Step Instructions,SAP Server Screen Image to practice configuration and Performance yzer including test.

eTrainer -The Smartest way to learn SAP FICO Online. Learning SAP FICO Online has never been so easy and affordable. You’re probably interested in learning SAP to improve your career prospects to fulfill your dreams. It is well known that people with SAP skills are in demand and are the highest paid in the Information Technology and Finance industries. Learning SAP is not easy. It is a large and complex system and can take a long time to master. To get a job in SAP you should gain confidence in SAP at Expert level and you need proper and systematic training for that. The most successful companies in the world recognize the importance of proper SAP training. We have developed Software to Teach SAP FICO Online. This software is to help SAP Consultants and SAP Users to learn and improve your Skills. We have incorporated all possible stages of SAP FICO Implementation in the simplest and most affordable way. This training is directly from internet. You can access the courses from anywhere; all you need is internet connection and PC/Laptop. Please check the DEMO. Our extensive SAP training software is designed to give you usable knowledge quickly and efficiently and has the below additional :

There are many ins utes and free online materials that are available today. But in order to achieve the DESIRED RESULT, and to ensure a PEACEFUL and EFFECTIVE learning experience, the choice of the best and reliable solution is critical.

So, if you attend the cl after trying our training system, you will be in a much better position to understand FICO. Remember, almost all ins utes guarantees placement, but the truth is that they will only arrange for 3 or 4 interview calls, and they will ensure the placement for only the best candidates in the cl – may be 1 out of 10. Their choice of candidate will be based on your performance, SAP knowledge etc. So be smart before joining any system. Be ready and prepared before putting money and time; try our system to do the job for you! This is our Guarantee- This is a SINCERE effort to get the desired result with the most simple, cost effective and enjoyable experience! Below is an overview of what we provide: One full configuration covering all steps involving SAP FICO Configuration. It is aimed at providing a clear idea of all stages involved in configuration. Interview preparation questions are shared after each cl . So, after finishing one full configuration you can start marketing your resume. Sample Resumes and Placement Strategies are incorporated at the last session. If you interested to join any cl , before joining any cl we would strongly recommend everyone to finish one full configuration. Because, you will get a clear idea of the different elements of configuration, end user do ent entry screens and user reports. This will enable you to get the best out of the cl . Furthermore, the fact is that anybody can arrange interviews, but no one can guarantee placement. To p the interview and survive at work is the deal. So, we have designed more levels to give you an in-depth knowledge and experience about the system. If you are looking for free online materials, stop wasting your time, get our system, you will learn way cheaper than any system available today. We have incorporated very detailed explanations about each configuration points. Accounting Concepts and its application in SAP FICO is explained thoroughly. This means that people from non-accounting backgrounds will be able to gain the needed confidence and will learn the logical application of accounting within SAP. A higher level of Interview preparation is also provided.

We have incorporated all aspects of Hands-on-Live in this System. This system is 100% better than hands-on-live. Read more…

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