Selection Criteria Writer – Government job applications made easy ::::

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Selection Criteria Writer - Government job applications made easy ::::
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If you are serious about writing an application that will get you an interview, then grab a coffee and read every single word on this page.. it’s that important…. (even if you are at work at the moment) Whether you are new to government or are an expert with years of experience, I’m confident you know which of the following statements is true:

The best person for the job is always successful when applying for government positions

Usually, the best selection criteria writer is successful when applying for government positions

Have you ever missed out on a position and shook your head in disbelief when you found out who got it? I have too. It’s no secret that it’s the best writer that is typically invited to an interview when in all likelihood the best person for the job with possibly much better skills and experience misses out by a whisker with the panel giving some feedback like ‘just a couple of words were missing from your application’. Has that ‘best person’ for the job ever been you? And has it shocked you when someone else with a fraction of your skills and experience lands the job! It’s happened to me to…..

My name is Glenn Ayrton and I am the author of Selection Criteria Writer. Over the past 20 years, I have held a diverse range of roles at local and state government level. I have worked in private enterprise and ran my own training consultancy. I have isted hundreds of people apply for government positions, essed hundreds of selection criteria applications and for a number of years specialised in resume and selection criteria writing as well as interview coaching.

I’ve helped many people enter the public service and fast track their career in government.

Selection Criteria Writer is a government job application software system, the first of it’s type that helps you quickly and easily create:

In short it’s a type and click software system using tried and tested templates that took months to fine tune. When I first tested it, a response that normally took me 3 hours to complete was done in just 20 minutes! You see, because of my training and background in government, I know exactly what interview panel members are looking for in selection criteria responses, just as your applications will be noticed using this very system!

Selection Criteria Writer is the result of over fif years of hands on government experience resulting in the cream of the cream being used to refine and fine tune a system that works and is creating a lot of excitement. I’ve designed it to make the job of addressing selection criteria as quick and easy as possible.

By using Selection Criteria Writer, you’ll have a distinct advantage by having your skills and experience powerfully presented in your application. It will give you an edge. And I’m certain that it’s an edge that you really want, isn’t it?

Imagine this – you’re sitting at home late on a Sunday night. The application is due the following Monday. You’re still on selection criteria 1, there’s a bunch of your old applications tered all over your desk. It’s hard to keep track of all the copying and pasting that’s going on. Time for another coffee….

Included are selection criteria examples and step by step tools to help you with addressing selection criteria. I’ve also included sample selection criteria from a variety of roles too.

You can create a complete selection criteria application in a fraction of the time it normally would take whether you are new to the process or have years of experience

By following a simple type and click process, you can easily create an application that clearly showcases your strengths, skills and experience

You will be able to cut through the compe ion and be confident that the interview panel members will quickly recognise you as a competent applicant that will be added to the interview list

Quickly outline in clear and compelling language your experience including practical examples (the work has all been done for you, all you need to do is fill in the blanks)

Gives you an edge through tips and strategies regarding how to build a relationship with the panel well before the interview

You won’t find anything close to Selection Criteria Writer anywhere – it’s completely unique and is the result of over two years of painstaking research, design and development

Selection criteria templates that are ready to go, all that’s required is for you to add the pieces through a simple type and click process

This process is much quicker than typing a selection criteria response from scratch as the layout is all done for you with fully automated templates

A simple… Read more…

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