Become a Model – Agency Executive Reveals the Secrets!

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Become a Model - Agency Executive Reveals the Secrets!
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Want to be a Model? Model Agency Director Reveals the Insider Secrets! Plus Tips and Real-Life Stories from World-Famous Models, Photographers, Stylists, Managers and More

Hello! My name is Renee Lauren, and just like you, I dreamed of being a model. For me, that dream already came true That’s why I’ve producing this guide for YOU, specially to help you enter this fabulous modeling world, safely and with confidence! It’s every bit as great as you can imagine – because if you do things properly, this business can actually be both fun and easy, as well as well-paid! There’s a huge demand out there for all kinds of models, child models, fashion, hand models, male models – all sorts! But what saddens me, is for so many people the dream dies, before they can really start. Every day my heart is torn watching potential career models making terrible mistakes in their applications, suffering bad advice and worse, being outright scammed. You see, I was incredibly, unbelievably, lucky. I’ve created this downloadable 135 page guide for you, with the help of lots of fashion insiders, because you shouldn’t ever have to rely on good luck or bad advice! Ever. Today I’m the owner of Models’ Fashion Advice and an executive at the famous Click agency. We’ve worked with all the top magazines; I have girls in Seventeen Magazine, Girls Life, Shape, Mens Health, Vogue, Parents Magazine, J.C. Penney, Tommy Hilfiger, MTV, Abercrombie and Fitch and this month will have our first layout for Vogue Bambini (coveted for children). We get amazing work and represent well over 20 Miss USA girls from around the country with our agency, including one girl who was third runner up in Miss Universe.

I’ve even judged for several state Miss USA Delaware, NJ pageants and this year will do Maryland and NJ again. I’m not revealing trade secrets from my agency – but I’m certainly telling you the secrets of modeling agencies in general, especially the most critical part how to become accepted as a model in the first place!

What Does Success Look Like? 5 minutes notice and zoom – You’re off to fantastic locations, Paris, London, Hong Kong (new products every day!) and of course the world’s most beautiful beaches, even the Borneo rainforest! Sometimes you pop home again; sometimes it’s straight off to another location You can have some really long days but when you’re in a great place, the center of attention, among awesome, talented people – I really don’t think they’re long enough ;-) I’ll never forget my first beach shoot. Being from Philly I know beaches but this was something else, the crisp scent of the ocean, soft white sand between my toes, bathed in sunshine; even the sea gulls were pretty. And of course I was treated as the most important person on the entire island – which as ‘The Model’ – I was! But don’t tell the Art Director I said that

Who Can’t Be a Model? Sadly some people are just not suited to this career. Things such as persistently poor skin, uneven features – or the wrong attitude – can prevent your career from starting. Of course the most common cause of failure is relying on luck, or thinking that just because you’re good-looking the agencies will want you. Agencies get literally thousands of applications from good-looking hopefuls. You need to know how to stand out!

Can YOU Be a Model? The guide approaches modeling careers from a practical and money-making standpoint. Sure, you might fantasize about turning heads on the runway… making a splash in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition… or gracing the cover of Vogue or Cosmo one day. That really can happen but before you hit the mega-big-time, remember that there is a huge demand for models at all experience levels and looks�, both full-time and part time! From catalog modeling to plus-size and petite models, to body parts modeling for the advertising industry… the possibilities of earning a great living as a model are endless! The good news – no the fantastic news – the demand is real and continuous and you don’t have to be awesomely beautiful and flawless. Do things the right way from Day 1… and you’re sure to be successful! So what is the right way to get started? Let me introduce your guide, it’s called Let’s Model!… Let’s Model!

As well as a number of real-life short stories directly from successful models, Let’s Model reveals truly useful information such as:

I created your Let’s Model guide to be a comprehensive introduction to the world of modeling. Not only will you learn industry basics, but we also cover important details on the following different types of modeling careers:

Give your child a head-start in the exciting and well… Read more…

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