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Bookmark and Share   » Sales LetterClick Image To Visit SiteHi! I’m Bill Matthews. And I’m going to show you that it’s not only possible, but easy to do. If you’re looking for a fast-paced job that’s never boring, one overflowing with great music and gorgeous women, you’re going to love this.

You are paid to push a few ons, play music, talk and hang out at a non-stop party with dozens of hot women.

Let me show you why this is such an awesome gig. Then, I’ll share the insider secrets that can guarantee your success. And finally, I’ll show you how to get a fast start and quickly become a top DJ so you can…

You name your schedule, full or part-time. And since Gentlemen’s clubs are also open during the day, you can choose days or nights. Pick days, and you can sleep in, show up about noon, and have your nights free.

Take three-day weekends, if you like. And four weeks of vacation every year. What’s more, you will …

As the DJ at a top club, you get the VIP treatment at other clubs, restaurants, and businesses. Why? Because many of your customers own these places. Or work there. They’ll recognize you. Imagine how a woman reacts when you take her to a restaurant or a hot club and the manager comes over, greets you by name and buys you a round of drinks.

Besides the great view, you get lots of freebies as the DJ at a top club. Film stars, athletes and other celebrities visit regularly. In Houston, members of the Rockets, Astros and the old Oilers often came to party after the games. And they brought visiting players with them.

I got more free tickets than I could use. Choice seats at top games and shows. Then there’s the rock stars.

If you’ve heard them on the radio, chances are I’ve met them in my club. You can do the same. What happens is the band or the road crew stops by and the next thing you know, your name is on the guest list for the next night’s show. Not just tickets but sometimes even backstage p es.

What’s more, I got great deals on clothes, stereos, computers, and all sorts of things. All through people I met at the club. They knew that as the DJ, I was tight with all the dancers. So they bent over backwards to take care of me. But what may matter more is that …

The women. The audience. You set the entire atmosphere of the club. A bartender, a manager, even a dancer or two, can leave and not be missed. But without you, there is no show. You are the host of the party. And you have total control.

You need no special skills. You don’t have to spend weeks and weeks practicing how to mix music like dance club DJs. And even without experience, you can pick up a gig easily in a smaller club IF you know the right approach. So few people see the bucks to be made in this, that there’s not much compe ion. And I’ll show you how to beat what little there is.

Mobile DJs spend thousands of dollars on equipment and music before they can even do their first gig. Since the clubs provide the sound systems and the music, you don’t have to put out a cent. What’s more, you …

Every day is payday. This killer gig puts an end to being broke long before your next check comes in. The dancers tip you at the end of every gig, in addition to what the club pays you. Even some of the customers tip you, and that’s like found money.

There are over 2500 clubs in the U.S., over 300 in Canada, and even more in cities all over the world. And probably several where you are living right now.

Want to live in a non-stop party town like Vegas? If you like to ski, there’s Denver. If you like the beach, it’s tough to beat Miami. Name the major city and there are bound to be several clubs there.

For many men, dating a stripper is an unfulfilled fantasy. But if you’ve ever tried to get one of these girls to go out on a date, you probably didn’t get far. That’s because dancers rarely date customers. But when you’re the DJ, it’s a different story and things can get interesting pretty fast.

However, there’s a couple of types of strippers. One type can be perfect and the other a nightmare. I’ll show you which type to aim for… Read more…

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