Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide – Gimmic Gaming

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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide - Gimmic Gaming
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 ”Gimmic went in to auction house and bought armor for my witchdoctor and is working great. Like to thank him for it and did not charge me for the armor. thanks very much and also very helpful onskills for the char. Hope to see in game again. Thanks Eagle”

“Hey man its cool kinds worth the wait ur builds help me extend mine to fanaminal heights on the Pc version. Definitely a fan of ur guides if u have anymore you should hit me back up. Thank you for the email it was very much appreciated hit me up sometime maybe we could kick it in sanctuary together Lmao keep it reel man >Steven Gasaway”

“Hey you don’t remember me I’m sure, but I’m Calsipher from LOL. You told me to check your site out and…  So I did! Just thought I’d let you know you got a pretty good thing going here I’m pretty impressed with your site. I’d still like to play a game with you it would work out great with you as Sona since your pretty awesome. So, anyway good show! Calsipher”

“Thank you very much. I bought your guide because I have grown bored with SC and decided to dive into HC…..and based on all the reviews I read about your guide and alternate builds……I figured that would be a great place to test them out seeing as I am starting there  with nothing.I just finished reading you Barb extended build guide and like the ideas, looking forward to the other cl alternate builds (especially WD). Dave aka Grumpy”

Lately my goals have changed from crushing the auction house for extra cash each month to learning new markets and investing my profits from Diablo 3 back into my character.  My idea is that when PVP and/or an expansion hit, I will have a high powered character to go along with my knowledge of both the gold auction house and the real money auction house.  Having a high powered character will allow me to farm high level content effectively, which at certain times may be just as profitable as spending time on the auction house (or a good use of time while waiting for auctions to sell).

Two days ago I was stuck grinding in MP3 doing key runs and getting into the occasional group for running ubers, where you need an infernal machine to access the high level bosses that drop items to make a Hellfire Ring (which I’m still working on).  I’m currently Paragon Level 11 and have yet to get a decent legendary drop while key farming.

Enter Gimmic Gaming’s Cl Guide.  Markco posted on his blog about Gimmic Gaming’s new guide and gave it a thumbs up, so I decided that it would be worth a shot.  The guide contains extremely useful information about building your character and walks you through exactly how to spec to move up from w ver current Monster Power level you are farming.

I literally took the information in the guide and went from farming MP3 to MP6 by just changing my spec and investing a couple million into some new weapons.  

I only purchased one cl guide (each cl guide is $30) because I primarily play a barbarian.  That was all I needed and it was worth the $30 investment.  I learned more in 30 minutes of reading and watching videos about playing my Barbarian than I’ve learned in the hours and hours I’ve spent playing the game.

You can get a cl guide for each cl for less the $100.  If you play more than one cl and want to learn go dominate with all of them, I highly recommend buying all of them for the reduced price.  If you specialize like me, try out the guide for your cl first.  If I start playing another cl , I’ll be buying Gimmic’s guide to that cl before I even get started.  I’ll be posting results of my upgraded farming runs soon! PBody5205?

“That le seems impossible right? In order to dominate Diablo 3, don’t you need to spend countless hours farming and looking at the auction house? Nope. Gimmic Gaming has proven to the world that you can dominate Diablo 3 with just a few hundred thousand gold and minutes on the auction house. With less than 200,000 gold, he turned a barbarian into a killing machine, just look at these screenshots!

Just a precursor before you read any further: keep in mind that I BOUGHT GIMMIC’S GUIDE. I have studied this game since a year before its release, played beta religiously, and even sold my own guide on making gold. For me to buy… Read more…

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