Cabin Crew Interview

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Cabin Crew Interview
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Cabin Crew Interview Questions can take time and hard work to research but getting hold of these questions before your interview is well worth it. Why gather past Cabin Crew Interview Questions? Interview experts around the world know that interview performance is DIRECTLY linked to how suprised a candidate is by the intervew questions. Everyone knows that answering ANY type of question is a lot easier when you have had time to think about what you would say in advance. It just takes one poor answer to ruin your chances of starting this new and exciting career. This is why it is so important to get hold of the interview questions airlines love to ask potential candidates. Where to find Cabin Crew Interview Questions? The best place to start is online forums and Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant websites. Often past candidates will discuss how their interview went on these sites. Obviously going through these sites will take a large amount of time! To get you started here are 10 ACTUAL Cabin Crew Interview Questions that have been asked previously. To simulate the actual interview environment try to answer these questions within 3 seconds of reading each question. Are you READY! Lufthansa – What is ‘service’ in your eyes? Virgin Atlantic – Who played the song in our latest advertising campaign? Emirates – What are the differences in cultures that you will experience when you arrive in Dubai? Delta – How would you handle delivering a baby at 30,000 feet? What would you do? Qatar – If an economy cl p enger demanded a meal before the meal service how would you handle the situation? Jetblue – When have you gone out of your way for a customer? Singapore Airlines – What terminal do we operate out of in Singapore? Ryan Air – What makes a good Cabin Crew member stand out from the crowd? Etihad – Have you ever done something not according to procedures and if so why? Expressjet – If a p enger complained about sitting next to someone of a different race how would you handle the situation? Easyjet – What do you think the hardest part of being a flight attendant is? How did you go? Don’t worry if your answers weren’t perfect! It’s normal when seeing the questions for the first time. The important thing to realise is the value of seeing and practising the questions in advance of your interview. Other articles: Emirates Cabin Crew Salary Looking For MORE Questions? Subscribe to our FREE Cabin Crew Interview Newsletter! We have LOADS MORE Actual Interview Questions from past interviews. You will also get the LATEST INTEL on which airlines are hiring Cabin Crew RIGHT NOW!! Unsubscribe at any time. Read more…

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