Urban Planning Jobs

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Urban Planning Jobs
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Urban Planning Now! is the premier site for finding your next urban planning job or filling your next open position. We offer three services: a free set of job searching tools, a private list of job openings found throughout the Internet, and a high traffic location for employers to post their jobs. The free tools include the links below which search many different sites for the urban planning keyword combinations listed below. We also provide links to cities and counties allowing you to search one employer site after another for planning jobs. Our paid service provides results not usually found by simply searching. Other job sites charge high prices for employers to place ads for their jobs, causing cities and counties to shy away from posting their jobs on their sites. We provide listings from local government sites, APA chapter sites, and more!

The web site of the APA is a very good site for finding jobs for planners, however they are only scratching the surface of the jobs that are out there for Urban Planners. Our service is intended to compliment the jobs found on the APA site.

There are many job sites out on the Internet. If you are looking for urban planning jobs, you can use the links below to quickly search the Internet.

Urban Planning Now! works hard to provide you job finding links. We find that jobs posted on other sites often are forgotten, leading readers to believe closed jobs are still open. Some web sites keep their postings rather current, because they are charging a premium fee for posting that employers job. The downside to this is that many urban planning jobs are not being listed on these web sites because of the costs.

To help you with your search for urban planning jobs, we have created a list of "City/County" web sites for you to click for direct access. These links are organized by region and then by state. You will find them very helpful when you know a particular area you are seeking employment.

We are starting an additional employment site devoted to government jobs in Texas at www.texgovjob.com. It will focus on jobs from both cities and counties and may include some urban planning jobs. Read more…

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