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Warcraft Blueprint
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FACT: 97.3% of World Of Warcraft Players Are Clueless, Running Around Broke And Wasting Too Much Time Figuring Out The Game.

But if you can keep a secret, then by the time you finish reading this letter you can become the 2.7% of gamers who can play under any given situations, generate gold on demand, and win some of the fiercest battles in WoW.

I have a bet – and it involves just how tired a lot of WoW players are right now with the way the game treats them. Are you sick and tired of…

If this sounds like you, then you need to take 3 minutes and 27 seconds to read this page very carefully because the information here will shock you.

In just three weeks, I used a fresh WoW account to make 143,789 gold, level my character to Level 80, and chalk up a healthy arena rating of 1,997 on the leader board.

The results above were not achieved using hacks or cheats that could get your account banned and blacklisted from every server Blizzard owns. This is about using special secrets so you don’t slave away for hours, making mediocre progress while new players surp you with Epic Flying Mounts.

Very often, champion players are not doing anything better than the bad players, they just do things differently.

There is some really dangerous advice spreading around the Internet. You know, the kind of tips they talk about in forums, e-books, and expensive WoW guides. I know this because I bought every one of them but found the information outdated as far back as patch 2.3!

For example, if you’re still grinding to get gold, then be prepared for major heartache. That’s the slowest way to get gold, ever. And if you’re not already making profits hand over fist by selling high demand items on the Auction House, then you’re bleeding gold!

In fact, most people are sorely mistaken about how to make the most gold in the least amount of time. This explains why most of them are still broke. Truth is, you don’t have to wait until you’re level 80 to start raking in some serious gold.

I started at level 1 and scored some really amazing gold within the first few hours. Even the Chinese gold farmers are jealous of my rapid ability to create gold on demand.

The same thing happens in PvP too. Many players lose the minimum 10 games to get arena points because they’re too lazy to play properly. If you’re one of these people, why not actually try to win the arena?

You could get more points for your time… which means you can get better gear… which means you stand a better chance at winning PvPs.

There are dozens of players engaging in PvP half-heartedly. Those are easy kills and you get some serious ratings just for trying. You just have to know where to look and how to spot them. And trust me, they are all over the place.

This sounds obvious to a lot of people, but the truth is that something is obvious only once you ‘get’ it. Those that do get it, and actually apply these tactics, become legendary players.

You probably don’t see many girls playing WoW , but I’m one of the few who actually LOVES the game.

I used to only play during lunch breaks at work, but I soon find myself sleeping late and cancelling appointments just so I could have some extra game time in World of Warcraft.

It used to be frustrating to see how some players can kill any enemy, level up so fast, and arm themselves with the coolest gear while I struggle to figure out how to even survive on a few gold. These honchos don’t seem to do anything different than me, yet they do it much faster without breaking into a sweat.

They can kill Death Knights, engage in m ive raids, obliterate ninja nuisances, and punish all the childish players who brag too much in PvP. Even if you’re lucky enough to beat these guys, you better be prepared because they do a lot of damage when they resurrect. Camping on their corpses for easy wins is NOT a good idea.

I can’t believe how fast some of them level up in just 3 days, it’s as if they were 3 different people playing nonstop for 24 hours.

And how on earth did they get all that gear? It’s like they inherit unlimited gold from some millionaire hidden in the game. While I struggle to grind, do dailies, and participate in the Auction House religiously, they are spending most of their… Read more…

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