LvL86 – Play Like A Pro Software Package

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LvL86 - Play Like A Pro Software Package
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The makers of the popular WoW keybinding software are proud to present the brand new SWTOR all-in-one keybinding solution. All of your Swtor characters will be equipped with the best set of keybindings and macros. Each class’s keybindings were developed and used by the best players in the world.

If your clicking and struggling to play your class you might as well not even play. Because to truly master your class you need a good set of keybindings to feel completely fluid with your character.

Once you start playing with our world class keybindings your skills will increase dramatically. Dominate in duels, warzones, illum… Increase your dps, heals, and dominate in raids and other PvE. You will have an overall better playing experience.

The Keybind and Macro Package is a one of a kind solution that gives you professional Race/Class/Spec specific keybindings and Macros from the best SWTOR players in the world.

After you have equipped your binds you can learn them with our detailed keyboard templates and guide. With these fully illustrative pdfs for each class and spec you will immediately realize how powerful your new interface is.

When the best players in the world were designing the keybindings and macros they wanted to be sure that switching from one class to another was a seamless process. Thats why all our bindings are built around one core framework, which means similar spells are always on similar buttons.

Our bindings are constantly being updated so that you never have to worry about in game changes affecting your setup. Our team is ready for any new patches SWTOR has to offer. Also our support team is always on hand to make sure your always dominating the competition.

We have decided to introduce a whole new aspect to our website… Instructional Videos!! We will be constantly adding informative pvp and pve instructional videos created by our professional sponsored players. In addition we have developed indepth dps rotation and tanking guides.

"Getting your keybinding program has literally done more for me than a year of scavenging forums and guides ever did. I always knew good players always needed a good set of keybindings, but I never knew where to start. Just wanna say thanks!"

"Its amazing how much effort was put into this program. Let alone the keyboard guide that comes with it. Just wanted to say bravo to the people who put this thing together."

"The new key binds are 10 times better than my old messy ones I was using. Again, thank you for your reply and your amazing program!"

"So nice to finally find some keybindings that you know that are good after looking around for months!!"

"I am using lvl86 to level my rogue and it has helped a lot. In my PvP achievements too, like my wreckingball and others"

"I would just like to say I am Very happy about the custumer service, it is great :) And thank you for the fast reply!"

"Excellent key binds. Will recommend lvl86 to my friends, especially those who are in PvP. I no longer spam my keys and ‘blackout’ when I see a pally when I’m playing as a mage. All my spell uses are now more defined! Thanks again!!"

"Every keybind works hows supposed to, thank you very very much! Never thought that it would enhance my gaming experience that much"

We are back! But this time for Swtor! Users still interested in the WoW keybinding software can still download it via the signup page

Today we’re proud to add another amazing feature: an in-game Addon that greatly eases learning the keybindings. Our lightweight and effective addon revolutionizes learning new keybindings.

We’re happy to announce the release of additional features to coincide with cataclysm release, including DPS guides and an Instructional Videos Section. Read more…

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