Printable Road Trip Games

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Printable Road Trip Games
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When we arrived back home, we vowed to never go on a long distance family road trip again without some sort of preparation — and that’s how the idea for this book came to be.

We found books by Klutz and from other publishers that looked really pretty from the outside, but were mostly filled with fluff (like, draw a snowman and color this ghost with a white crayon). The games they included had obviously not been tested because they lacked playability. Needless to say, we were frustrated with what we found.

After driving many thousands of miles across America, we have personally road tested every single game within the book. If a game ended up with my daughters stabbing each other with crayons, it was dropped — never to be seen again. If it kept them busy (and happy) for hours on end, we kept it. Not only have we included cl ic road trip games like Crack the Code, Find 100, Road Trip Bingo, word searches, mazes, Sudoku (and many others) we have also included these fun new travel games…

Unlike a traditional book, the "Ultimate Road Trip Games" book is a digital edition (in Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf) format) that can be read and printed from both Windows and Mac computers. Books that you purchase from a "brick and mortar" store are inferior because after you’ve played one of the games, you are done. The page is marked up and you’d need to buy the book again to play it again on future trips.

If your children like a particular game, you can literally print it out hundreds of times. There is no printing limit and you don’t need to buy this book for every person in the car. This book will save you money, save you time and also help everyone keep their sanity throughout your trip!

"If for ANY reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, send us an email within 8 weeks and we will refund your full purchase price — no questions asked." Read more…

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