Marcus Ty Warcraft Gold Making Guide

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Marcus Ty Warcraft Gold Making Guide
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If you’re looking to make obscene amounts of gold without spending hours endlessly farming, or the risk of getting yourself banned through the use of cheats or hacks, using proven gold making strategies that work time after time – then continue to read this page.

elcome Friend, my name is Marcus Ty and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since the outset of the game.

You may not have heard of me, but I’m part of a community of players who spend their time studying the inner-most workings of the Warcraft economy. As a group we are constantly exchanging hints and tips on the best strategies for making gold across the many realms of Azeroth.

Over the past year I’ve used these gold secrets to make hundreds of thousand of gold and spent as much on epic mounts, gear and the best enchants money can buy.

I’ve blogged and tweeted these gold secrets to many of my subscribers, helping others make thousands of gold in the process. Now, for the first time, I’ve gathered together the very best of these gold making strategies into one unique Journal.

My Journal series of guides provides you with a complete system for making gold in the World of Warcraft. My guides cover gold making from Cl ic wow right the way through to Mists of Pandaria. My system of making gold is based firmly on the wow gold economy so won’t easily become outdated.

In truth, I ed at making gold when I first started out in wow. Like most players new to the game I was fairly clueless on the workings of Warcraft economy (what economy?). The Auction House was a mystery to me and I was always stony broke.

Without a decent supply of gold, I struggled through every aspect of the game and it took me many levels before I had the gold for even the most basic of mounts. I leveled my Professions at a snail’s pace and at one point almost gave up on the whole Warcraft experience.

My guild mates despaired at my pitiful gear and tried to help with this hack or that hack; but their tricks quickly disappeared with the coming of the next patch. It only takes a slight change in game mechanics (chaos orbs are no longer soulbound as an example) to affect how gold flows through the game. I bounced from gold blog to gold blog but found only recycled scratchings of old guides.

So I set myself the task of learning all I could about the game mechanics of gold creation. How gold cycles through the game; the pivotal roles played by the Auction house and the Professions. I slowly dissected the inner-most workings of the wow gold economy.

By understanding the wow gold economy I found that I could predict the buying and selling cycles that occurred in the game. Slowly, but surely, I began to make gold. A little at first – 1-2k a playing session – and then larger amounts – until I had the gold for my epic chopper mount.

I sought out other like-minded players who had the same fascination with the workings of the gold economy. We exchanged ideas on the best best gold making strategies for the Auction House and for each of the Professions.

I collected, dissected and digested the very best of these strategies and together with my understanding of the wow gold economy created my Journal series of guides. Not just a random collection of hints and tips but a complete gold making system, structured into self-contained and illustrated guides.

Auction House Secrets is the first guide in my Journal series. The Auction House is the quickest way to make gold in World of Warcraft at any level. In Auction House Secrets I’ll show you how to make gold as Blizzard intended – but with the ruthless efficiency of a rogue on steroids. Learn how to make gold using artful trading strategies, leaving you more time to raid or hang out with mates in the Pig and Whistle!

Included as part of my Journal series is my Professions Guide. The Professions are the power-house of the warcraft economy. This guide shows you step-by-step how to master the gold making techniques of each of the Primary Professions. Explains the super combo of Professions used by the gurus to shuffle material between alts to am a mountain of gold.

Included with every copy of my Journal is my Grinding Guide. For those players that simply have to grind my guide will show you the most profitable items to make you gold in all zones from levels 1-90. It also includes popular mobs to grind for reputation and hints on how to reach Exalted in… Read more…

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