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The Death Knight. The all-powerful servants of the Lich King. Expand your knowledge and learn more about the Death Knight’s playstyles with a Cl y Guide! When you purchase a Cl y […]

Druids are nature’s most protective allies. However, they can easily turn that power into a destructive force…Learn more with a helpful Cl y Guide. When you purchase a Cl y Guide, you […]

Master of the environments and keeper of deadly traps. The Hunter and his faithful pet. Learn everything you need to know to be the best with our Hunter Guide. When […]

Wielder of raw, destructive magic in all of its fury. We present the Mage.  Find out how they work best as you climb to the top with our Mage guide. […]

The mystical Monk lets the hands and feet do the work. With our Monk guide, you will learn how you can fearlessly charge into battle, armed only with your fists. […]

The Paladin is a versatile fighter, able to attack, protect or even heal. Learn how to master each of the three different Paladin playstyles with a Cl y Guide. When you […]

The devout and spiritual Priest, always faithful to the end. Expand your holy knowledge and learn everything the Priest has to offer you with our Priest guide. When you purchase […]

The elusive and deadly Rogue. Moving from shadow to shadow, with stealth as their eternal ally. Learn to master the ins’ powers with a Cl y Guide. When you purchase a […]

Shamans harness the power of the very elements, commanding and controlling them to destroy their enemies at whim. Learn to master the Shaman with a Cl y Guide. When you purchase […]

Warlocks are the masters of demonic powers and twisters of the dark arts. Complete your Warlock knowledge with our Warlock guide and wreak havoc across Azeroth. When you purchase a […]

The steadfast Warrior. Glorious in combat and with a battle knowledge to match. Complete your Warrior knowledge with the insights and details of a Cl y Guide. When you purchase a […] Read more…

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