A Pilot’s Guide to the Successful Interview – Airline Pilot Interview Guide

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A Pilot's Guide to the Successful Interview - Airline Pilot Interview Guide
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Can’t afford the cost of the airfares and time off, not to mention the cost of interview training seminars?

Now you don’t have to! For less than fifty dollars you can prepare and study for your next interview at home, and discover how to convert the interview into a Job.

Within minutes, these cutting edge techniques will give you an advantage over everyone else – no matter what level of skills or experience you have.

Because 100% of the people who will employ you stated when I interviewed them that, providing candidates met their minimum requirements, they were considered suitable for the position until they managed to talk themselves out of the Job!

In other words how you answer the question can be the difference between getting the job and getting the flick.

If you want to learn more about the interview process in a clear, well organised and easy to understand manner and win the interviewer’s attention… then this could be the most important message you’ve read all year.

And the good news is – your job has just become a lot easier. You’ll soon discover how to improve your interview technique and make yourself more informed, more knowledgeable and most importantly more employable.

You won’t be sweating about whether or not you have covered everything because, after completing ‘the guide’, you’ll be confident in your ability to deliver. All you need is a simple formula to follow…a roadmap that’ll keep you on track while side-stepping the pitfalls.

My name is Glen Solly… for the past fifteen years I’ve been practicing and explaining the secrets of ‘A Pilot’s Guide to the Successful Interview’ to flight crew from around the world. People like you, whose next job relies on the success of your interview.

Do you feel that you come across as uncertain, do you have difficulty expressing yourself?

Do you start to break out in a sweat when asked the answer to questions you don’t know?

Do you lack a plan of attack of how to prepare for the interview because “it’s just too hard”?

Do you want to know how to prepare properly with advice from those who sit on interview panels?

Do you have difficulty finding the right way and the right words to sell yourself?

Chances are, if you’re anything like other pilots I’ve talked to, you would have answered “yes” to many of the questions above.

And it’s not your fault! You see, the trouble is, you never get taught how to interview properly. For all your flight training, your proficiency skills and your technical knowledge you never get taught how to get the results that are intended. And without proper training, it’s often a ‘learn-as-you-go’ process with the end result being an unsuccessful interview and the crushing feeling that goes with it. Every one of the pilots I have talked to has faced the same frustration, expense and let down as you …because they were never taught a structured, logical process to make the interview easier.

I’m constantly amazed at the simple mistakes that are made by pilots at the interview -

When asked “Why should we employ you” they couldn’t answer in any meaningful way

"I couldn’t remember what the rules were for coming below my Lowest Safe Altitude (LSALT). How could I forget something so easy?"

"When they asked me why I wanted to work for them I just said that I needed the job and I had to get out of GA.”

"I was so nervous. When I picked up the glass of water I spilt it over the table."

The simple truth is that the airline doesn’t want to hear about your qualifications! They already have them in your CV. They want to know about what qualities you have and how they will benefit the airline when they employ you and will you fit the company profile!

All you have to do is apply a proven, structured, step-by-step process, and follow a few simple rules. That’s it! There’s nothing mysterious about it. Just follow the formula and you can easily produce powerful interview techniques time after time. Techniques which get you the results you want. It really is this simple.

What does surprise people is that these problems are actually quick and easy to overcome.

Just knowing where to start and having a plan of attack – can help ease the panic you feel after the elation of finding out that you have been chosen for an interview. Your interview preparation starts NOW!

This exclusive and powerful Guide is packed with over one hundred pages of ingenious, proven and practical techniques and exercises for pilots – no matter what country you… Read more…

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