Dugi Gold Academy for World of Warcraft – Dugi Guides™

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Dugi Gold Academy for World of Warcraft - Dugi Guides™
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Just released!, Dugi Gold Academy is a revolutionary Video Gold Guide that teaches you, step by step, how to create your own wealth in World of Warcraft.

This extensive training course is designed to teach complete beginners how to become gold making experts faster than any other gold making guide.

You will learn gold making methods and secrets used by the Elite players of Warcraft. You can look, learn, practice, and master these advanced techniques wherever you may be.

These are yours absolutely free!, you can get them by entering your email in our newsletter and check out our high quality content.

Step-by-step video tutorial that shows where to download from and how to install the AddOns that I recommend in the guide. AddOns, like Auctioneer or Postal, are very useful tools that can dramatically boost your gold making efforts.

Tiny Treasure farming is still profitable in Mist of Pandaria gold/hour rate and surprisingly not many people are aware of their gold potential. Use this technique if you urgently need gold or you need to build up your capital gold to play the Auction House game.

As a gatherer you are guaranteed to make Gold for your time, but you will need to setup GatherMate and Routes addons to maximise your time searching for the nodes.

In this video I show you a typical day of one of my Bank Alts and an introduction to Auctioneer color coding. I’m just scratching the surface, but hopefully you will see how playing the auction can be very easy and fast.

This eBook offers the economic blueprint for World of Warcraft. Laying out the steps for increasing your gold, your ets, and your status, this guide will present you with the inner workings of the maze that is the World of Warcraft economy.

Amounts of wealth dreamed impossible in the infancy of the World of Warcraft are now possible through this guide, without the grind of senseless mobs in Pandaria.

These videos will cover all the fundamental tools and strategies on how to efficiently make gold using the Auction House.

In this video I show you my Auctioneer settings. These are what I think are the most profitable settings. I walk you through all the configuration options and explain in detail the most important ones. I also show you how to configure the Output Window for Auctioneer, the different Statistical and Matching Modules as well as Informant, the tooltip manager for Auctioneer. At the end I also show you how to configure the Postal AddOn.

This video is all about finding the right stuff to buy and Resale. I don’t give you a “shopping list” of items, because, as you probably know, every Realm (and faction) has a unique and evolving economy. My goals with this video is to show you how to locate the “hidden” gold makers that will net you a ton of gold.

In this video I’ll focus on the Resale search of Auctioneer, explaining every aspect of it. I’ll also show you what I think is the best way to ess the value of an item and whether it is worth your time.

Batch posting is a part of Auctioneer’s Apprasier tab and it is a m ive time saving feature. I highly recommend you get used to using it on a daily basis to quickly m post your regular items at the right price.

In this video I walk you through the Appraiser interface. I show you what the different settings do and how to use them. I also explain the most common strategies I use when selling to maximise profits and reduce expires. In the strategies I show you how and when you should overprice other auctions, how to manipulate stack sizes and how to easily undercut the compe ion.

These videos take you “beyond basics” and show you strategies that you can apply to start making hundreds of gold per day effortlessly

This video is a detailed walkthrough of the searches that the Auctioneer AddOn offers. I show you how you can use the Converter, Vendor and Snatch searches, as well as the excellent Realtime search (formerly know as Bottom Scanner). Searching for bargains is an essential skillset that will allow you to make huge amounts of gold by buying cheap and reselling for a profit

In this video I show you how you can “manually” search for items worth reselling. I also talk about the great Auctionator AddOn, how to use it and how I use it. I show you my complete configuration (the one I use to make a ton of gold each day), as well as pointers on how you can create your own setup to quickly locate bargains in your day to day gold making. Read more…

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