How To Convert Your Car To Electric, DIY Electric Car Conversion

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How To Convert Your Car To Electric, DIY Electric Car Conversion
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Do I have a story to tell you! 17 years ago, my wife Jane and I bought some land and built our own house on it. We then set out to power our new home with alternative energy. First, we figured out how to build solar panels and then we moved on to wind generators. We needed lots of batteries, of course, to store all this free energy we were producing, but we couldn’t afford brand new ones. So we had to get a little creative.

After some legwork and a lot of trial and error, we stumbled upon an amazing source of cheap batteries that worked great for storing energy and powering our home. But we didn’t stop there. As you will soon learn, using alternative energy becomes addictive and we had the bug pretty bad! So we next set eyes on our gas-guzzling car and truck…

Could we actually convert these vehicles to run off batteries instead of gasoline? Without knowing what we were doing, we decided to find out. After several months of experimenting and a lot of long days, we got everything to work. Then we started making a series of design improvements to increase the speed and cruising range.

Once we began driving our electric vehicles around town, our neighbors started showing up asking questions. They wanted us to teach them how to convert their own cars to electric.

So we sat down and wrote up all the things we had learned, creating a step-by-step set of plans that we could give out.

Within months, we started getting requests from people we didn’t even know. That’s what led us to create this website, so we could offer our knowledge to anyone interested in converting their own car to electric.

You see, we’re really no different than you. We’re just regular people who wanted to reduce our expenses and live a more sustainable life. Now we’d like to share with you the secrets we learned and how we managed to complete the conversions on a tight budget.

You could not be further from the truth! These are regular production vehicles from Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, etc., that travel at least 55 MPH and still have all the creature comforts you would expect.

In fact, except for being a lot quieter – and the lack of an exhaust pipe – most people won’t even know that you’re driving an electric vehicle.

Don’t be. With a typical conversion, you will enjoy up to a 100-mile cruising range from a single electric charge. We have found this to be more than sufficient for nearly all of our daily needs, even taking trips to the next town over.

Let me confess something to you: I’ve never been mechanically inclined. Heck, I nearly flunked out of auto mechanics cl in high school. But for some reason, electricity is much easier for me to understand and we’ve heard from many readers who feel the same way.

When we started the quest to convert our first vehicle, we did not have any type of manual or book to ist us. We just plowed ahead and experimented until we found things that worked. In fact, during our first couple of conversions, we made a ton of mistakes that required starting over.

That’s why we want to p on our knowledge to you – so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did.

Hard to believe that in 1996 there were just 3,280 electric vehicles in the USA. By 2007, that number had surged to over 55,000. President Obama has set a national goal for there to be one million all-electric vehicles on U.S. roads by the year 2015. That’s great news for the environment, so let’s all help make it a reality.

Just finished our project car. The Toyota you suggested worked great. It feels so good to drive by those gas stations. We are already working on our second conversion!

Just wanted to let you know that I bought this book as a gift for a friend. I took a peek at it myself and all I can say is wow! Your p ion for electric vehicles really jumps to life on the pages. Now you have me planning my own conversion this summer!

Want to ride along in an electric car? Let’s watch actor Tom Hanks – one of the most famous proponents of electric vehicles – driving his own converted electric car:

Sure, it’s fun to drive an electric car and you’ll enjoy a lot of attention and curiosity from friends, family members, neighbors, and even total strangers. But let’s forget all that and remember this:

Here in 2014, gas prices are already heading back up again, on their way to $5.00 per gallon… Read more…

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