Wind Power ebook : The Complete Consumers Guide

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Wind Power ebook : The Complete Consumers Guide
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The Complete Consumers Guide to Wind Power is now featured int the Ultimate Survival Bundle, a collection of the best preparedness books available – All in one digital package for only $29 . Hurry, this bundle will not be available after September 23.

Hi and thanks for stopping by! My name is Jordan, and that burly looking guy on the left is Rick (my dad). We are the creators of and authors of The Complete Consumer’s Guide To Wind Power ebook

If you will let us, we would like to personally guide you through the maze of wind power. We want to help you have a successful wind energy system.

After all, that is your dream right? To have a wind turbine churning out electricity for your daily needs. We’ll be honest with you, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but we’ll help you get through the tough parts, so your dream can become a reality.

"Slices cleanly through the dross and hype of todays small wind marketplace! An oasis of honest, well presented information on the small turbines being sold right now!"

"A complete, in depth guide that will show you everything you need to know to successfully generate your own wind power!"

We really had no clue what we were looking for when shopping for our first wind turbine. We knew nothing when it came to wind power. We just listened to what the salesman and the slick brochures said.

We eventually settled for a turbine that boasted a survival wind speed of 120 mph. Nice – so we thought. Our winds rarely gust above 60 mph so we should be good…right?

The turbine failed in ~30 mph winds – a far cry from the 120 mph survival speed advertised. Does that mean the turbine we installed was a piece of junk? Absolutely not! It may work fine for many locations but was not suitable for our harsh, winter winds. We walked blindly into the field of wind power and paid the price – A broken turbine, wasted time, money, and electricity. Read more…

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