Police Oral Board – Police Interview Questions – Law Enforcement Interview

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Police Oral Board - Police Interview Questions - Law Enforcement Interview
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Want To Breeze Through The Oral Interview? You HAVE to Read This Letter To Find Out What Only Police Officers Have Known Until Now About P ing The Oral Interview Board. You’ll Learn What It Takes To Be The ONLY Candidate The Board Wants To Hire – 100% Guaranteed!

In fact, here’s something you probably don’t know: The raters on the police oral interview board WANT you to choke!

Because their job is to cut as many police applicants from the list as possible. That’s how the police hiring process works – to keep making the pool smaller and smaller until there are only a few people left who get the jobs.

Every time an applicant fails the police interview,it makes the board’s job that much easier.

I have to be honest with you, this is the main reason that as many as 80% of applicants never make it. As a veteran officer, I see it all the time – young, motivated police candidates who seem to have everything going for them…college education, great at ude, top physical conditioning…but then, they score horribly on the oral interview and it’s over.

Nobody wants to be that person…the one who got a shot at living their dream and blew it.

Think about how long you’ve wanted to be a police officer. Probably all your life, right? If you’re like me and most of the cops I know, this is something you’ve wanted to do since you were a little kid.

I bet you’ve spent years reading about police work and watching every re-run of “COPS” on TV. You’ve probably talked to police officers about the job, studied it at school, worked out every day and taken a ton of self-defense cl es, all so you would be ready when you finally landed your police job.

Everybody that you know has heard about how you want to be a police officer…it’s your plan for your entire life.

So what in the world would be worse than acing the written exam, smoking the compe ion on the physical ability test…and then completely choking on the police oral interview because you didn’t know what to expect?

My oral interview is coming up soon, and I have been getting more and more nervous about it. I don’t do well in front of boards like that…same problem when I was in the Army. To help me calm my mind down, I started going on law enforcement message boards asking for advice.

The officers there kept telling me to “be confident and answer all their questions honestly” and “we can’t tell you the exact questions.” It’s so frustrating to keep getting those messages when all I want is some help with details.

I was so glad when I read your book. Police Oral Board Interview Secrets answered all the questions I had. I’m not nervous at all now because I can already see in my mind what is going to happen, what they’ll ask me, and what I will say.

My wife can’t believe the difference in my at ude about the interview. Thank you thank you.

Believe me, if you walk into that room not knowing what’s going to happen… you are TOTALLY going to be caught off-guard.

Have you heard that old joke about how to get away from a hungry grizzly bear? You don’t have to be fast enough to outrun the bear…just fast enough to outrun the guy next to you. That’s what it’s like trying to get a job with the police department.

The compe ion is intense. You’ve probably seen the media reports about how the recession is driving more applicants to police departments because of the job security and good pay. Many departments are seeing 200-300% increases in the number of people applying every month.

I even know of police departments that regularly get 1,000 applications for not even 30 jobs!

To get hired, you don’t have to be perfect – because nobody is – but you do have to stand out from all the other applicants…in other words, leave them for the grizzly. Getting that law enforcement job is all about being one of the first names on the eligibility list.

How do you do that? You have to impress the police oral interview board. I don’t mean just getting a p ing score from the board. If you want to become a police officer, you’re going to have to look better than every other candidate the board interviews.

I’m Officer Forestal, and I love being a police officer. It’s one of the most exciting and most important jobs in… Read more…

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