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Ultimate Icebreaker Guide - Training Icebreakers - Fun Ice Breaker Games - Icebreaker ActivitiesClick Image To Visit Site“As a certificate IV qualified trainer with over 10 years experience I know that “The Ultimate Icebreaker Guide” is a book that every trainer MUST have. And I mean EVERY type of trainer!

Set out in logical groups such as ‘Type of Event’, ‘Type of People’, ‘Age’, and ‘Size of Group’, the exercises and games are easy to scan to find the perfect icebreaker for any situation, I keep these games handy for all my sessions. Informative background information (such as ‘The Best Way to Conduct Icebreakers’ p.7), and easy-to-follow instructions for each icebreaker make this book indispensible. Buy it now and you won’t regret it!”

How to transform a group of strangers so they feel more connected really quickly and fully participate in your session

If you are keen to make sure you get the most out of your next group session, then you will be interested in this -

Are you looking for sure-fire ways to energise and break the ice in your group? Do you want your participants to be enthused about your awesome session ahead? It is my pleasure to introduce to you something that will make your life as a trainer, manager or facilitator amazingly easier and will bring you LOADS more success in your day-to-day work with individuals and teams.

But first I want to make sure that you fit into the category of who this will be the most useful for:

Looking for perfectly suitable icebreaker activities to run with your group that you are 100% confident will work?

I am about to reveal to you the secrets of World Cl group presenters and trainers and how they use Icebreakers to guarantee that their audience becomes relaxed and comfortable

AND exactly how this makes them Powerful Facilitators that get the best results from their group whether they are presenting, training or running a workshop – and how you can do exactly the same…

I managed a team that was a DYSFUNCTIONAL RABBLE – And I certainly DID NOT have their respect…

My role was as a Team Leader of a highly motivated bunch of Health Professionals delivering Health Services in some of the most challenging country in remote Outback Australia.

Yet although we handled the outback challenges with ease it was something closer to home that provided the real challenges…

Not only that but employees often used this time to vent their frustrations and finished the meeting feeling nothing was resolved.

Working in such a remote place put huge demands on our team.  Some people couldn’t cope and we had a high staff turnover.

This high staff turnover was what caused me to be promoted quite quickly and I soon felt out of my depth….

However if I didn’t get these meetings under control and the team working together things were only going to get worse…

The fact is, I needed our team members to feel relaxed during meetings, feel enthused, energetic and creative!! I was depending on them to contribute their needs and ideas to help!!

After all, I was meant to be running this service with our clinicians heading out into remote communities providing care with confidence!

“Your Ultimate Icebreaker Guide is just what I was searching for – the ultimate facilitator’s tool kit. Right from the start I was impressed with the format, with the Quick Guide easily cross referenced to the Activities section which was listed by category, people, outcome, group size, age and equipment.

Thank you, I have taken your advice in the chapters and selected an activity that ‘hit the mark’ for a recent student presentation I delivered and have selected another couple of activities to be adapted for an audience for an up-coming forum.

Rozlyn Webley, Regional Planning and Partnership Officer, Sport & Recreation Community Participation, Department of Communities, Cairns, Australia

I had done a few of these at conferences and they were pretty good fun.  They had given me an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.

HOWEVER, almost as soon as I started thinking about icebreaker activities – I started to FREAK OUT a little….

We had all different kinds of people in our team – there were some cultural differences and some really dominant people not to mention the shyer ones…

You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together,

OK it was time to bite the bullet – I needed to run some icebreakers – I just had to give it a shot!

And so I began to prepare meticulously.  I read every book I could about doing Icebreakers and team-building activities.

I wanted to feel sure I was confident to bring my team through from being a dispersed group to a team that worked together… Read more…

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