FrontierVille Guide & FrontierVille Strategy – Frontier Tycoon

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FrontierVille Guide & FrontierVille Strategy - Frontier Tycoon
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You’re about to learn the secrets that are going to completely change the way you play FrontierVille for good! And you might get a bit upset at me at how easy it is…

I am about to save hours of life and show you exactly how I managed to radically change my game play to get to level 100 and have all my friends begging to be my neighbors.

My name’s Rachel Stark, and I know exactly how you feel. You’ve probably had the frustration of not being able to make as much money or level up as fast as some of your friends. You just watch them get ahead of you and think:

I’ve been there and it’s pretty frustrating. I started to suspect that everyone was cheating except me!

But I didn’t want to be beat. Not by colleagues, not by friends, not even by my brother! So I was determined to discover the tricks to make my Frontier the best.

I set out to spy on all the high level FrontierVille players to find out exactly what they were doing and copy them!

I spent hours of my day tracking successful level players everywhere from Facebook pages, to adding them as friends and even visiting their frontiers everyday!

I didn’t just spy on the other players. I virtually stalked them. Anytime I saw someone that had more items, horseshoes, energy or anything better than me I would add them and them as a friend and interrogate them about FrontierVille.

It wasn’t easy at first. It’s not like someone wants to give away their precious secrets on how to achieve thousands of horseshoes to a complete stranger!

But persistence and some lady charms were in my favor. Eventually I found nice players who were willing to lend me a hand and even go as far as developing my Frontier for me. Watching what they did to my Frontier completely opened my eyes…

The strategies they were using were so simple, that I was amazed I hadn’t thought of them. Many of these players earned a lot of money and a lot of levels by using animals properly and owning the right crops.

I was shown secrets techniques to dominate FrontierVille by changing the crops I grow, the animals I had and improving my frontier layout. It was so simple that your jaw is going to drop when you learn this!

I could spend time with my friends and family and still play the game the way it was meant to be played.

After I discovered these tricks I spent hours of my day testing and tweaking them. I finally started to improve them and even create my own tactics that worked way better than the ones I had learned.

In just a few days I started receiving hundreds of messages from people I never met begging me to show them how I did it. Some people started to offer to pay me to show them exclusively how it’s done.

I had gone from being a total loser to being a FrontierVille Tycoon in no time! But I had promised myself that I wouldn’t be like those other selfish players that don’t share their strategies.

I realized it was unfair to keep all the strategies to myself and let others struggle to find out the tricks for themselves.

Yes, even after all this I was still skeptical. But I compiled everything I learned and sent a copy of my strategy to my friends and fellow FrontierVille players experiencing the same struggles as me. I told them to give it one week and I asked for their absolute HONEST opinions of the system. But I never expected this response:

I just wanted to tell you how much I love love LOVE your guide! =) My co-workers used to have a pool to bet on how many hours I could spend on FrontierVille in one week – LOL! Sad but true! Of course they all play it too, and now they keep asking me what my secret is!

In just a week after reading your guide I think I did more in FrontierVille than I had over the whole month before! I just log in during my lunch break, maybe finish up a few goals when I get home, and I’ve got friends texting to ask what my cheat code is!! LOL!

I feel like I am cheating by using your guide, but everything is totally legit! Thanks so much Rachel. Your guide changed me from a cubicle Facebook junkie to a workplace superstar! Read more…

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