A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge

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A+ Teachers' Interview Edge
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As a teacher, of course, you can’t condone cheating and trust me that’s not what I’m talking about here. What I am talking about is a way to prepare for you next job interview that will practically guarantee you ACE it!

That’s right, it doesn’t matter how many interviews you’ve “bombed” in the past … it doesn’t matter how nervous you normally get before a big interview … it doesn’t matter how inexperienced you are … you can ace your next interview and land your dream job!

Well, that’s exactly the opportunity you’ll have when you get my new ebook, A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge.

This powerful guide reveals the 101 most common teaching job interview questions and also contains terrific answers to these questions that will vault you to the top of any interviewer’s hiring list!

Education jobs are becoming tougher to get in this economy. Lately, there has been an increase in people who have lost their jobs and are trying to transition into the education field which has made the competition even fiercer.

So are you doing everything that you can to stand out? Or are you doomed to become just another faceless candidate who is forgotten the moment your interview is over?

I’ve created A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge to ensure you are fully prepared for your next interview and that you do NOT make the same mistakes other candidates are making.

During my eight-year career as an interview coach, I have helped new teachers quite literally steal job offers from more experienced teachers.

I can’t stress this enough to my clients, the job does NOT always go to the most qualified person. But… one thing is for sure, it almost ALWAYS goes to the best interviewee.

You have to be prepared! Preparation is the key to getting the teaching position of your dreams. If you’re not prepared for the interview… rest assured somebody else will be… and they may take the job that could have been yours.

Yes, there is some leg work to being prepared, for example, say you’re a teacher trying to get a job in a large center. Preparation could save you thousands of dollars per year on transportation alone by securing a job closer to your home.

"Candace Thanks so much for writing your interview book. It’s almost like you paid me to buy it… lol. I’ll tell you the story.

I have been working miles from home and the commute has been killing me for the last 3 years. (almost 2hrs/day) My husband works in a different direction so moving was not an option. Every year I tried to apply for teaching positions closer to home but failed at the interview. I was a disaster at this interviewing stuff, needless to say every year nothing.

I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for almost 2 years but never used your service. Sorry. A few months ago when you mentioned your book I decided what the heck I have nothing to lose. I read it cover to cover and I have to say I had been doing it all wrong, I wasn’t prepared. 2 weeks later I headed off to an interview with what you taught me and I aced it. 2 days later I got the call and an offer from a school 3 miles from my doorstep. I really couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks you very very very much, you are awesome and the next time I need a resume I will call you.

They’re going to ask for names, dates, places and how you handled situations, pressure, deadlines, angry parents and at-risk students.

By having read the A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge ebook, you’ll have your answers already prepared and you’ll also be able to quickly identify behavioral-type questions so you don’t show any inappropriate emotion that prevents you from getting the job of your dreams!

… then the A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge will be your secret weapon – giving you the edge over your competitors.

"Candace, the Teacher Interview e-book is fabulous, to have it delivered immediately with so much solid advice. I must say, it was more detailed than I thought it would be. It is very impressive and I would not hesitate to recommend the book to my fellow teachers. By the way, I recommend your site to all my colleagues.

"You just don’t know the great help that your e-book gave to me to secure the job that I had always dreamt about. I was very composed and confident on my last interview… ‘no more butterflies in my stomach’ before the job interview.

"You are truly a gifted person Candace. Over the years, I have benefited immensely by… Read more…

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