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Looking for, and securing a job, is not an easy task. All across Australia today the job market is extremely compe ive, with far more people seeking roles than there are roles available. As important as your performance is in your new role and career – your performance in securing this role is even more crucial.

Which employers should you target? How should you apply for roles? How can you increase your chances of being selected for an interview? How should you prepare for the interview? How are job hunting and job interviews different in Australia – and how can you be what they’re looking for? These are all crucial stages in your journey to ideal employment.

The Australian Job Hunting Guide answers all of these questions. It tells you everything about the job hunting part of your journey, sharing the secrets of how you can beat the compe ion, become the best candidate for any role – and have employers falling over themselves to employ you.

I am sure you are qualified, hard working and spending endless hours scouting for a job, applying for one job after another waiting to get that ‘miracle’ interview call. Yet the phone is not ringing …how can it be?!

With the wrong approach, job hunting can be depressing. Rejection hits us hard and has a negative effect on the job hunting process – and our overall health. Yet some people don’t have this problem. They "get" it. Employers are falling over themselves to employ people like this.

There is no secret. It has everything to do with "presence" – and the Australian Job Hunting Guide tells you exactly how to achieve the right presence to win over the interviewer.

You might be starting to think it will take months to gain these skills; but not so! Within no time after reading the Australian Job Hunting Guide you will be inundated with job opportunities and job offers. I guarantee it. In fact, I can personally guarantee that if you do not have a job offer within 30 days of purchasing my Australian Job Hunting Guide, I’ll give you a full refund. No risk or strings attached.

No matter how your job seeking has been to date – it’s all about to change. You’re going to learn strategies and techniques to get your resume to the top of the pile. You’re going to know exactly what to say in an interview to have employers falling over themselves to take you on.

No matter what your experience has been or your position, you will learn techniques and strategies that will guarantee that your resume lands at the top of the heap. Next, when you are confronted with the interview, you will know exactly what words to say to have the hirers want to hire you.

Download the Australian Job Hunting Guide now. No matter what time of day it is, it’s yours instantly – which means you can start optimising your job hinting right now.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with my guide you can request an instant refund – and still keep the guide. We honour a 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

This is a full 3 page e-book that will point out what body language acts you absolutely need to avoid! Some examples:

This is a full audio book containing the most valuable advice on how to improve your mental outlook and success in life. Some key points include:

This 175 page eBook is the definitive manual to programming your mind to take specific, step-by-step actions that will make you wealthy. This best-seller has sold millions of copies and has been translated into 26 different languages. Some excerpts:

This 183 page e-book is the definitive manual to answering the most difficult interview questions. Some excerpts:

I considered myself just a part of the crowd and in fact I was. Searching and preparing for jobs like everybody, and that’s what I was going to do for I don’t know how long; if I would not have luckily got my hands on your book. I have now got an outlook to consider myself different from the crowd. Every step towards finding the right job now made sense and it obviously resulted in success for me.

Sleepless nights searching for jobs, undirected resume building, and clueless interview preparation – I could avoid all this only by reading and implementing your Guide Gerry. Not only could I avoid lots of unnecessary effort but could completely turn around the quality of my candidature wherever I applied. In fact, job offers sort of started flowing in themselves and I became a chooser instead of a searcher.

I could not have imagined how well I was received by the job providers (read: interviewers!) I approached. I knew… Read more…

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