The Job Interview Secret

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The Job Interview Secret
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WANTED: Frustrated Job Seekers Looking For Breakthrough RESULTS. Give me just 5 minutes and I’ll show you an extraordinary technique YOU can use on your next job interview that practically forces employers to hire you…

"Unleash My Amazing, Two-Page ‘Secret Career Do ent’ At The Beginning Of Your Very Next Job Interview And I Guarantee You Will Shoot Straight To The Top Of The ‘Must-Hire’ List AUTOMATICALLY…"

Land Any Job You Desire. My remarkable, two-page ‘Secret Career Do ent’ can work a job search miracle in your life. It’s the PERFECT marketing strategy when and where it counts the most… at the start of the job interview. My ‘Secret Career Do ent’ is so effective at landing job offers, don’t be surprised if you’re hired for a new job before your next interview is over…

Imagine… the phone rings and you rush to pick it up. You quickly discover you’ve been chosen to interview for an amazing job you’ve been dreaming about for years.

You’re so excited you can hardly contain yourself. You can’t believe they’ve selected YOU to interview for this dream position.

As you start to calm down and catch your breath, reality rears its ugly head…

How in the world are you going to beat out ALL the stiff compe ion scheduled to interview for "your" dream job?

If you don’t stand out like Donald Trump at a local job fair… if you can’t clearly show why you’re so special and unique… if you don’t grab the hiring manager’s undivided attention during the job interview… then you’re almost certain to lose this job to a compe or with more experience or a stronger resume. Or, someone who just "handled" the interview better than you did that particular day.

You’ll simply lose this job to the toughest compe or of all… "Dumb Luck."

Who says life is fair? The job search is one of the most UNFAIR activities you will ever have to participate in.

It’s an absolutely brutal job market out there with most groups of job seekers resembling a big herd of cattle playing some sort of twisted job search "lotto game" just hoping to get lucky.

What kind of sick "strategy" is that? Talk about a recipe for repeated failure and settling for less.

Before you sit down in the "hot seat" for your next job interview you MUST ask yourself the most important question of all:

"Why in the world should this company hire ME over all the other applicants?"

The moment you get called for a job interview you’re on even footing with all other applicants.

Haircuts, handshakes, fashionable clothes and an attractive smile aren’t enough.

You see, landing your dream job has nothing to do with memorizing twenty-one of the most popular interview questions from that "ace the job interview" book you just read.

Everyone prepares for the job interview this way. You’ll ALWAYS be on a level playing field at best, even when you think you’re so prepared.

"How can I RISE above all the other applicants once I’ve landed the job interview?"

NOTE: Can be used with amazing success for phone interviews as well.

Over the past two years, I have tested and proven the incredible job-landing-power of my remarkable ‘Secret Career Do ent.’

How I accidentally discovered the idea behind my two-page ‘Secret Career Do ent’ and why I guarantee you’ll get hired for the job of your choice in the next 27 days or less.

Read the following story with an open mind. Every word is true. I leave out the last names and company names to protect the privacy of certain individuals but the following story is exactly what happened and it can happen for you too

About two years ago, a man named Jake from Atlanta sent me an email requesting a refund for my company’s product the "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Jake had purchased it to help with his job search but ended up (ironically) landing a job hours later and had no use for it.

NOTE: I took out the references to the "secret" that actually landed him the job by inserting [this text deleted] in its place. Also, the last part of Jake’s email address has been deleted for privacy. Otherwise every word is precisely as he wrote it.

The "secret" Jake used to land his dream job was a very basic version of what I’ve now fully developed and refer to today as my ‘Secret Career Do ent.’

I’ll never forget the day my secretary showed me Jake’s email. I was absolutely blown away! I actually shouted, "WOW! This is THE greatest marketing strategy a job seeker could ever use to get hired! What an incredible idea!!"

When my company was hiring last year, I knew if I had interviewed a person… Read more…

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