Five Interviews

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Five Interviews
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Your company is only as good as the people you hire. A recent study found that 46% percent of new hires failed to meet expectations within 18 months. Even more surprising than the failure rate was that when new hires failed, 89% of the time it was for at udinal reasons and only 11% of the time was due to lack of skill. That’s right ATTITUDE is the single biggest reason for a bad hire! An employee’s job skills can be trained much more easily than trying to correct an employee’s poor at ude. Unfortunately most companies interview candidates by only asking questions on required job skills. Questions on at ude never enter the interview conversation.

Don’t allow yourself to make these costly hiring mistakes. It’s time that you let THE RIGHT HIRE: The Essential Interview System for Hiring Top Talent transform the way you interview and hire superstar talent. With our simple 9 step interview process and groundbreaking five Interview Template system, you will learn how to conduct a powerful interview by being given the exact at ude based interview questions to ask. Just think…no more expensive recruiters, no more hiring regrets. Just complete interviewing confidence. We give you the exact interview questions you need to hire superstar talent. With our money back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose.

The Right Hire is more than a book. It’s an entire interview system proven to hire top talent! Designed on years of real world interviewing experience, this system cuts through the technical expertise of recruiting and reduces it to its simplest, most powerful form. What makes this book so revolutionary is not just the 9-step process but the ground-breaking Interview Template system that comes with it! Based on only 5 possible job groups in any organization: Entry Level, Professional Level, Supervisor Level, Senior Manager Level and Executive Level, one interview template has been designed for each level. All templates contain a powerful combination of questions that will ensure you get amazing hires that have the right at ude and skills. Simply select the template that matches the level of job that you are hiring for and start interviewing. YOU GET THE EXACT INTERVIEW QUESTIONS TO ASK FOR ANY JOB YOUR ARE HIRING FOR!!! This powerful system has completely revolutionized interviewing to put you in immediate control of your hiring needs. And don’t worry. The Interview Template system is designed so that you can ask your job skills related questions as well. You bring your job specific questions, we give you the questions you need to hire for at ude and…Voila! Instant interviews ready for you! It’s so easy that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without THE RIGHT HIRE!

Trying to figure out what interview questions to ask takes valuable time that you don’t have. Even worse if you ask the wrong questions and make a bad hiring decision it can cost your organization up to 5 TIMES the positions annual salary. If you bring in a Headhunter to the work for you pay up to 40% commission based on the salary of the position you are hiring for. If you hire an HR Professional to do the hiring you will pay an average salary of $65K! You shouldn’t have to afford these costs or worry about making crucial hiring mistakes. Our interview templates dramatically save you time, money and put you in control of hiring your next employee!

Our interview template system does all of this for you! No need for expensive recruiters or human resource professionals. No more painstaking hours trying to determine what interview questions to ask. It’s all done for you. Simply read the Interview Template that matches the job you are hiring for and ask the winning combination of questions that are provided. Instant interviews ready for you! It’s that easy!

With THE RIGHT HIRE and our 5 Interview Template system you get everything you need to be able to learn how to conduct an interview and hire superstar employees. The eBook, all five Interview Templates and the bonus Reference Template are all you need to easily hire on your own for any level of position in your organization. This system is packed full of powerful information that has been honed from the top recruiters on the secrets of hiring the best. In 9 simple steps you will learn the art of interviewing and your confidence will instantly grow.

Try Before You Buy: Try THE RIGHT HIRE and Interview Template system absolutely free for 21 days. You pay nothing today, except for a small $4.95 processing fee. That’s cheaper than a premium cup of coffee, and a lot cheaper than making a TERRIBLE hiring decision. After your 21-day trial your $4.95 processing fee will be applied toward the cost of the full product, you… Read more…

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