Paid to Play Presents – The Promoter’s Handbook

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Paid to Play Presents - The Promoter's Handbook
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Welcome to "The Nightclub Promoter Guide", we are so excited that you’ve shown interest in the nightlife industry and by purchasing this book you have taken the first steps towards launching your career. We hope to guide you to the level of success you are seeking by giving you a step-bystep guide, and the resources that you will need along the way.

You have to understand that not everyone automatically possesses these qualities, but they are all obtainable and we will show you how to obtain them. Whether promoting is something you want to do part-time while in college for some extra spending money or as a career in which you can make over $100,000.00 a year in, this is the perfect opportunity for both. There are so many amazing opportunities and career options once you decide to get into the nightlife industry.

Paid to Play won’t leave you hanging after your purchase, signup for the newsletter and recieve the latest tips from the group.

Not only are these tools usefull for promoting, there is also useful promotional tools to help almost any business in the social sphere.

Professionally written, over 125 pages packed full of educational material from experienced professionals.

Tons of bonus free resources, this comes without even buying the book we will show you tips and tricks to jumpstart your business.

The book covers all aspects of promotion, the social, political, economical, and personal sides of being in the promotion business.

Every professional needs a good business card. This is the first thing that you will hand a new contact. This will also be the lasting image they have of you after you meet.

Increase turnout at your events by promoting with premium flyers. Nightclub flyers are an economical way to attract attention.

Now you have a place to print flyers for your event, but what if you don’t know how to design them yourself. Contact us for flyer design for your event.

Professional quality custom ticket printing, custom designed to promote any event or special occasion. Distribute your own custom tickets and promote your brand.

A great way to sell tickets is to create an event online where your guest can go on and buy tickets. The tickets are automatically emailed to your guests.

An email list is a club promoter’s most valuable asset. It is a huge hassle to manage your list on your own. We recommend that you use this company to design, send and track your emails.

Text message marketing can be a huge asset to a promoter, and a great promotion tool. Just like email marketing, it is a huge hassle to manage your list on your own.

A great website is a must for every promoter. You want to register a domain name that can be easily remembered.

Along with a great domain name, great website design is a must. There are many promoters’ sites that I have gone on and immediately left because they are not professional.

Register and protect your business name as a DBA, or for more protection form an LLC for your business. You may also get an attorney, but this will get costly.

DJs with a higher level of experience and understanding of business will have mixed tapes recorded to showcase their skills. It’s the equivalent of a resume for a DJ.

A good Facebook presence is essential for a promoter. You can create events and invite all your friends to them, after the event all these friends will tag themselves in your event photos.

Just like Facebook, Twitter is crucial to the success of a nightclub promoter, but it can take forever to gain a following and to be constantly updating or tweeting.

Hootsuite is a social media platform that makes it so you can combine all your social media profiles onto one platform. Using this program you can schedule and automate future.

By purchasing this book it is clear that promoting is something that you are interested in pursuing, which is fantastic because promoting is an exceptional career choice. The opportunities available to nightclub promoters are endless and the experience is priceless. On top of that, you get paid to play! Think about it like this; you already go out to bars and nightclubs, when you get there you buy drinks and socialize with people at the venue you are at. Why not get paid to do that exact same thing? Get paid to network with people who share similar interests as you, get paid to bring people with you to have a good time, get paid to have drinks at a bar (often times those drinks are even free), get paid to dance with beautiful people, and most importantly get paid to have a good time with good people… Read more…

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