Learn How To Play The Game of Bridge

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Learn How To Play The Game of Bridge
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If you are a bridge novice or complete beginner, this course will take you from bridge novice to competent player in a matter of weeks!

Dear Bridge Novice, Bridge is a great game which can help you to make new friends and remain mentally active as you get older but it is difficult to learn to play bridge without some help. Where does someone with no, or very little experience, start? I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the great game of bridge when I was in my University days at Bristol. Now, over 50 years later, I have been playing ever since and have also been teaching bridge for over 30 years. During that time I have taught hundreds and hundreds of people how to play bridge. I still play regularly myself and enjoy the mental challenges that every game of bridge brings      

As well as being a game which is mentally very stimulating, bridge is also a great game for meeting other people. The game of bridge is played in pairs and there are many clubs throughout the world where people can join and meet new friends. In this day and age with all the technology, there are also many opportunities to play bridge on The Internet against people from all over the world, but to be able to take part in an online game of bridge, or any game of bridge for that matter, you have to know how to play – what to bid, what card to play first, what other people really mean when they bid, etc. To help all novice bridge players, I’ve written:

The course enables people to go from complete beginner to someone who can play at a bridge club or with friends

No prior experience of bridge is required! I ume that you are a total beginner and take you step by step through the stages needed to become a competent bridge player. If you are a fan of other card games like Spades, Hearts, or love playing in online casinos, you will be perfect for this course. I will have you being the talk of the bridge town in no time!

My extensive playing and teaching experience means that you can be sure that the course does indeed contain everything you need to learn to play bridge

The course is 97 pages of solid, essential information that will take you from little or no understanding of bridge to competent player

Learning bridge will enable you to join a local bridge club or play online – putting you in touch with loads of other people and giving you the opportunity to make new friends

As you get older it has been proven that people who keep themselves mentally alert are less likely to develop Alzheimers and senile dementia

‘The Beginners Guide to Bridge is a lot cheaper than the computerized bridge learning programs, usually priced at well over $100 – plus you have the option to print out the course and sit down and read it wherever you want – youre not tied to the computer screen! The Beginners Guide to Bridge is offered with a 90 day, NO QUESTIONS ASKED Guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t happy with the Beginners Guide within 90 days of purchasing the product, then simply contact me for a full and prompt refund of the purchase price – no questions asked. The Beginners Guide to Bridge has already helped many people go from enthusiastic bridge novices to competent club and online players. Read more…

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