Teen Gold Guide

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Teen Gold Guide
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Frustrated with World of Warcraft? Fed up trying to making gold? Still saving for the epic flying skill or for that 20,000g armor from the Auction House?

Blow away the problem of your low play time with a guide on time and priority systems. Comes with an example ready for you to take away and use today.

Helpful tips and examples are provided with every step so you’re never stuck wondering what to do next

Includes the exact powerful methods that I’ve used to generate 960000g in six months, PART TIME.

Avoid stupid pitfalls like rare mob camping or buying gold – and why these mistakes could cost you the most precious resource of all (No, it’s not your Battle Net Account!)

Find out the weird places where pros buy cheap things that sell like crazy on the Auction House!

How to potentially DOUBLE YOUR GOLD (when you see this you won’t believe how super-simple it is!)

Download all your addons in one easy pack and learn to use them the right way (Clue: it’s not the way you were taught by your guild mates!)

Fox your parents and tutors with new lifeskills and fancy names like Time Management, SMART goals, Customer Relations Management and High Returns.

Imagine the warm glow knowing your mailbox is full of sold auctions waiting for you to finish your battleground or heroic dungeon.

The Internet is already full of lists of items to sell, routes to take, places to farm, or things to craft with your Warcraft Professions. I won’t insult your intelligence by giving you a cut-n-paste relist.

Written for School Students and under 21s, I know this can help teenagers with their specific barriers to gold. So I was extra pleased to get a tweet from one reader telling me that actually …

“a lot of what you’re saying can be said for anyone with very little time, such as parents with new born babies”

I can still remember how frustrating it was to try and play world of warcraft in snatched moments after my own kids slept. I’ve dealt with those barriers myself. If you’re a parent and frustrated with trying to help your teen learn how to make gold, grab a copy for yourself so you can learn together.

When I talk to my guild mates, I don’t understand why they are burning themselves out trying to make a 5,000g when they could be making up to 10-20,000g an hour.

"It’s not hard!" I tell them, when they ask me how to get gold. "So why can’t I make as much as you?" So I grin and show them, I feel so proud that they ask me.

Get into the gold-making mindset of all the Warcraft Millionaires, honing your instincts for a good-deal as you put each section into practice.

Parade your expensive gear and mounts in front of envious players – even twink up your alts!

Thomas’ story: "Well i have know Alyzande for over 5 years, she is probely the most dedicatet person i know i World of warcraft. We used to be in same guild farming server first kill in Classic and Tbc, in all that time and after we have been frinds in good and bad, include sharing gold to pots food repairs, used to farm mats and we had fun with it. then time passed i was still a poor rogue but then one day Alyzande traded me a CHOPPER! yeah she did and for free, what can i say suddenly she was the most rich wow player on our old realm. When she start somthing she finish it for sure anything she make is gold worth, she will have my everlasting frindship and loyality not for gold but cause she is sutch a good person and helpfull i whould move mountains for her.. " Thomas Anderson, Denmark P.s.s and she is relly cute aswell :)

"Alright. I was playing WoW one day and needed some gold and I asked for help. She gave me tips on farming for herbs. Within 45 minutes I would’ve roughly made around 800g. The tips I got from her worked. I didn’t personally buy the guide but with that tip. I can say Aly is good at giving tips." NorryD, Steamwheedle Cartel-EU

I only want to sell this to people who are prepared to put in some effort and take the actions required to make the most out of this book.

If your new ebook just sits in your documents folder getting dusty, there is no way that you will make a single gold extra. You need to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

I’m giving away 6 years of my private systems and techniques here so I only want… Read more…

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