The Yacht Services Bible

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The Yacht Services Bible
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That wants to understand everything that stews are expected to know… This book will totally fill you in on just how incredible stews are… how sophisticated their jobs are… how to communicate with them. And it will help you in their hiring process.

This book will totally train you “from A to Z”… so that you will be well respected, looked up to, appreciated, admired as the best stew ever. You will know that you have made everyone happy because you anticipated just what they wanted next, before they ever even thought about it.

You will know that the crew respects you because you look after them. You will be confident that the captain knows you, respects you and wants to have you on his or her team.

You will have the satisfaction of realizing that the owner and guests know you, respect you, and trust in your regard for their privacy and confidentiality.

You will know the sense of gra ude and pride you feel as the guests say their tearful good-byes at the end of the trip, and are sorry to leave you because they had such a wonderful time on board. You will know the feeling of appreciation for a job well done.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you add value to the lives of others and they love you for it.

Stews need to know the insider service secrets that will get you the position, the raises, the promotions,and the credibility you need to get and keep your job.

Being a great Superyacht steward or stewardess requires so much more than just having your STCW certification. You have to know how you fit into the chain of command, and what the other yacht departments do. You need to know all about different foods and styles of food service so you can properly communicate with the chef and the guests, because a large part of every yacht trip revolves around food, mealtimes, snacks, and ordering and spacing the rest of the daily tasks around this. You have to know how to take care of the expensive interior furnishings and the personal belongings of the owners and guests.

Captains, you need to be ured that you and your stews understand every aspect of the duties they are expected to perform. Stews play a crucial role in creating satisfaction for owners and guests. The owners and guests have high standards for performance of service, and they look to you, the Captain, to make sure those standards are met.

Crew Agents, you need to be able find and recruit the best candidates for the position: stews who fully comprehend the scope of the job, and who understand the best way to do the work. The industry needs stews who will accurately state their abilities, and who have enough sea time and experience to handle the positions they are applying for. Stews must be an excellent fit with the captain and owner, and it takes a great relationship with agents to find the right position for each candidate. The right combination produces stews who will have longevity in a mutually satisfying career situation.

Charter and Private Yacht Managers, you need to know that the stews employed on your yachts know how to deliver service correctly, behave as professionals, and know how to care for and maintain the interior of the yacht… as well as its precious p engers. You need to know that every stew who works on the yachts in your fleet delivers service at the same high standard and truly understands what superb service on board a Super Yacht is all about. Stews are the heart and soul of any yachting operation.

It will teach you to recognize what it takes to become one of the most knowledgeable and skilled professional service persons in the industry

But none of them concentrates on the actual details of what you need to know to meet the service standards and expectations on a yacht once you get the job.

This is the most complete training manual for yacht Stewards and Stewardesses that I am aware of. This is the book that I wish had been available when I became a yacht stew.

It gives interesting and entertaining anecdotes and stories about the history of service and of the tools and techniques that stews use every day in their work. For stews, The Yacht Service Bible makes your work more interesting and enjoyable. It updates you on just what the standards are for the level of knowledge and skill a steward/ess should have at every stage of your career.

For the beginning stew, it gives you access to the vast body of knowledge of everything you will be expected to know. One of the first things new stews have… Read more…

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