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WoW Gold Guide - iPwn
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Here’s the secret to quickly farming thousands of gold so you can get an item in the game. (Yes.. Including Raid & PvP Epics – See Below)

The question isn’t if you can farm gold; anyone can kill mobs over and over again until their mind explodes from boredom.

There’s so many “grinds” built into WoW that the last thing you want to do is grind for gold. There’s a list of things you’d rather be doing, like raiding, PvPing, Dueling, leveling a new character, rolling a , finishing achievements or acquiring your next piece of best in slot gear.

Getting gold should be something you can turn on and off. It should be quick and easy with high impact results.

As an ex-gold seller, it didn’t take me long to figure out how to quickly am gold. I supplied gold to players and gold-companies on multiple servers. An order would come through on one of the servers I play on, and I logged in and filled it quickly.

How is this possible? How can one player support gold buyers on multiple servers? The strategies I developed HAD to be extremely efficient to implement, without botting, hacks, or exploits.

With these simple strategies you can make thousands of gold in just 12-15 minutes per day. What if you could make 50g, 150g, 250g, 500g, 1,000g, 2,500g in just 5 clicks? How quickly would the gold flood into your account? Check out this case study for an idea…

We gave Warcraft Riches 2.0 to a complete beginner (a level 88 priest at the time). In exchange we asked him to take screen shots at the beginning of each day so we could record his results.

After only six days he was already up to 178,533g. That’s after completely ing out his character with leveling gear and enchants to own other players in PvP from 88-90 while leveling.

In Warcraft Riches 2.0 we show you exactly how he’s managed to do this, and how you can do the same.

This is NOT just a compilation of places to farm, gathering routes, or a guide of what items to farm. Anybody who has played the game for more than 2 weeks and knows about or can get that information easily.

The strategy behind “Warcraft Riches” has been tested on multiple servers, from low population to high population, PvP, PvE, and RP servers. It has’t showed any signs of failure on any of the servers. We did this so you can have the comfort in knowing it will work for you and your server.

The step-by-step process is laid out and explained thoroughly with detailed screenshots and videos to guide you on the right track! As you can imagine, it wont take long to complete each step and In a dramatically reduced amount of time you can earn 10,000g 25,000g, even up to 60,000g every single day.

This will give you MORE time to play WoW and enjoy it the way you want… only this time your character will be more dominant, with any item in the game, the best enchants, and any mount to ride around on.

Some players have actually gotten enough gold that they can get the “un-purchaseable” items in the game. They have purchased their way into a guild. Others have purchased raid runs and drops. Some have even paid to join TOP Arena teams to get the best PvP gear in the game.

How were they able to afford the gold to do this? By using a system that gave them the HIGHEST profits in the quickest amount of time. That’s exactly what the “Warcraft Riches” system will do for you today.

"…figured it’d be good to learn from a WoW Millionaire. I made over 43,000g in one day. Now I just easily make a few thousand each day to buy what I want."

Im impressed that you’re able to convey so much information in a way that anyone can understand whether they just bought the game or have been playing for years.

Being a heavy PvPer I always wanted extra gold to waste on consumables. Now I spend time in queue’s making gold and I can buy anything I want.

If I had to sum it up I’d say it was simple to use. I farming gold, but when I can make 10-12k gold per hour it makes it worth it.

I started with only 200 gold. In just a week I bought my epic flying, and all my guild bank tabs. With 14,557g left over.

I thought making gold was a lot of work so I never did… Read more…

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