Water car – How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water

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Water car - How To  Convert Your Car To Run On Water
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Crazy, but true. A simple device you can make at home for pennies will take regular water (H2O) and convert it to a gas (HHO) that your car can run on. The only waste product is pure water again! Talk about being absolutely wonderful for the endangered environment. You can run for hundreds of miles on less than one quart of water. That means there’s almost literally money pouring out of your kitchen faucet. It’s completely safe. And since water burns cleaner and more efficiently than gas, it actually cleans your engine and helps your car run smoother over time…not to mention saving the environment from choking CO2 emissions. Here’s a simple video showing you how what’s called a water hydrolyzer works:

We’re going to show you a powerful way to implement the technology you just saw in any vehicle engine you want…but there are other ways to save gas by being smart.

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You’ll use plain old water—and it doesn’t even have to be "pure". No additives, no distillation, no "magic formula". Just plain old water you can get out of a faucet or hose. And that stuff’s pretty much free!

The system is 100% safe. You won’t risk electrocuting yourself, and you won’t be playing with nuclear fusion. You don’t have to be a genius to prevent yourself from destroying your engine, or anything even remotely close. It’s simple, easy and safe.

You’ll bump your miles per gallon by 50% or more immediately. Reports from existing customers go as high as 60% to 80%, but you can expect at least 50% no matter what car or truck you convert.

You’ll not only save gas, you’ll extend your car’s life! Water runs clean, and that helps your engine. It actually cleans your engine while you drive. Your pistons, valves, rings and bearings in particular will all last longer, and that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the life of your car.

Your car will run better. It’ll be quieter, smoother and more reliable. Water has a beneficial effect on the combustion cycle inside your engine. It removes carbon deposits that are already there, and keeps them for forming again over time. Your engine will purr so quietly you can barely hear it!

This is falling-off-a-log easy to install. It takes less than an hour on any vehicle…and did we mention that you don’t have to be a genius?

You new engine will actually protect the environment. It’ll cut dangerous emissions, because the only waste is pure water again! And it’ll reduce your engine temperature, which can help reduce global warming even more. Even better, our soon to be patented water fuel system means your car needs less fuel, so your car can do a cleaner, more efficient job.

It costs a few bucks to build the conversion kit. What sense would it make if the conversion cost you thousands of dollars? None at all, so we’ve simplified things down to the easiest, quickest, least expensive system you’ll ever find. You’ll even have some of the materials around your house!

It works for literally any type of vehicle. That means sporty cars, RVs, trucks, p enger sedans, etc. And just try to imagine the fuel savings you’ll get in a gas-guzzling SUV.

You’ll do your part to reduce the power of Big Oil—and it won’t even be inconvenient. Imagine driving your current car, just like you normally do, but hitting Big Oil right in the mouth and helping your country break free of OPEC.

This is ironclad. Grab our manual and use it for a full 60 days. If you don’t increase your gas mileage for your current car (and we’ll trust your measurement, no questions asked), lest us know and we’ll give back every penny you gave us for our Run Car On Water guide.

You don’t have to feel like a slave to Big Oil anymore. You can run your car on virtually free water, and pocket hundreds of dollars in savings every single year. It’s as easy as installing the simple, inexpensive conversion system our guide shows you how to make and attach to your engine. You don’t have to be a genius to install it…but everybody who finds out how much you’re saving on gas will think you’re a genius. Stop paying through the nose, and actually start smiling when you go to the gas station! Sincerely, Read more…

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