How to create clean, fresh, pure water out of the air for free. – Sales2

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How to create clean, fresh, pure water out of the air for free. - Sales2
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People spend thousands of dollars to try to clean their drinking water! Why not produce water totally clean to begin with? This project will show you how to produce the cleanest water possible and keep it clean and pure!

Treated tap water, dispensed water, and bottled water is full of chemicals and impurities that, any by themselves, are poison!

We all watched in horror at the devastation of Superstorm Sandy! We learned from it the importance of being self sufficient! What will you do if power is off more than a week? Will you be reduced to drinking the water left in the pipes of your house, or rain water?

After months of research, we have put together a one of a kind atmospheric water processor that produces water constantly with only the power of one solar panel. It will also run off of regular plug in electric. You can put this up in an emergency or for continued use right now. It includes UV light and anium air filters.

If you have to evacuate your home, you can take this with you. If you have to live in a tent or temporary building it is just what you need to have pure water to drink. It is easy to set up, easy to run and perfectly safe, and produces water more pure than bottled water!

This project is perfect for the person considering going solar, but just not sure if they want to "jump in." You will learn so much doing this small solar project, and it shows the benefit of "starting small" and building on to your "green" system.

All the information you need for WHAT, and WHERE to buy everything needed to produce clean, pure, water using only solar power. Complete instructions on how to put everything together and install quickly and easily. The very basic system outlined in these instructions, using JUST the modified atmospheric water processor, the system would cost just $149.95.

Add in the solar panel and storage, would cost less than $300 more, but when complete the machine will produce pure water without outside power or water source, continually, as long as the solar panel is in direct sunlight.

Additional information is included on how to connect it to a Hot/Cold water dispenser or even your refrigerator ice/water dispenser system. Also included are battery backup information for night time emergency production as well as using your home electricity.

This manual is $19.95, and includes complete instructions on how to build the same complete kit that is offered through for $649.95:

With just the processor you can still make pure water using regular electricity, no solar panel needed! What have you got to lose?

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