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Reaching WoW Gold Cap - WoW Schools
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This is the first question losers usually ask me. Usually I just laughed at them and told them to go away, but I just started to feel bad.

Now, I’m still going to laugh at you, but I’m also going to answer the question for you, but please, don’t ask ever again and don’t let anyone know that you’ve asked that question, or you WILL BE LAUGHED AT.

For the longest time I was a big loser just like all of you reading this page. It’s embarr ing to admit it, but I got kicked out of my guild for not coming to a raid with the best enchants. There are times when I didn’t even have enough money to repair my armor!! Yes, I go ahead and say it.. "John you were a big F’ing loser". It doesn’t bother me anymore, you know why? Because I did something about it, something anyone can do, even you!

Traditionally speaking, most of the losers in World of Warcraft who can’t even make 3,000 gold a day, spend all their time using the traditional gold making methods, such as, farming and doing daily quests. It seems kind of obvious that if everyone was doing this, and this was actually a good way to make money, then everyone would be rich right? Wrong, these methods are there to keep losers occupied and to distract them from making a ton of gold.

Here’s a simple fact: "The average player who makes more than 3,000 gold a day is not making that gold by farming and doing dailies"

So like most people who aren’t stupid, I got curious and started to wonder how some of these players were able to get 100,000 gold, or 500,000 gold, hell…I’ve even met players who had multiple characters with over 1,000,000 gold. Yes, those zeros are correct. Then it occurred to me.

WoW is just like the real world, if you work a regular job (daily quests and farming) you make a regular amount of money. But if you become like a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and start to think outside the box, you can get a whole ton more gold than you thought possible. The WoW economy works just like the real world. I started to think more about this…

I’ve spend hundreds of hours talking to rich players, reading forums, even purchasing gold making guides, and they all offer the same stupid …"Go farm here, do these dailies this way" Listen up when I say this…No matter how fast you do these dailies or how much you farm, you’re going to be limited to the same crappy amount of gold everyone else is. So what if you make 100 gold an hour instead of 50 gold because you did some dailies faster? This is not the real way to wealth in World of Warcraft. Read more…

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