The Personal Assistant’s Handbook – Insider secrets to landing the best Personal Assistant jobs working for the rich and famous

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The Personal Assistant's Handbook - Insider secrets to landing the best Personal Assistant jobs working for the rich and famous
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Perhaps you’re already a WORKING Personal Assistant and new challenges are being thrown at you that you just don’t know how to handle?

Maybe you’re an EMPLOYER who isn’t having any luck hiring the right Personal Assistant? Are you tired and frustrated training and retraining new candidates? Want someone trustworthy with great skills?

"I got my books yesterday and yours by far is the best! I wish I hadn’t wasted my money on the others."

"An important resource for Personal Assistants. Written from deep experience, Craig paints a spot-on depiction of the work in useful detail and thankfully, with great humor. The book delivers on its promise in spades."

"Finally, a true "insiders" guide. As a recruiter placing very high level Personal Assistants, I found this book to be extremely informative, useful and with a ton of good ideas and pointers. Wish I had written it myself."

This guide can show you the exact steps and specific techniques to help you become a successful, working Personal Assistant — even if you don’t have a ton of experience…

These are tools you can use your very first day. Even if it’s your first time!

This job isn’t for everyone. But if you are someone who is creative, driven, loves a challenge, enjoys doing something new and different every day, has a caring nature, and is quick on your feet, then keep reading…

It’s crucial to your career that you learn how and where to get the best training in this field.

There are only a few resources at your disposal. And they can really help you get to the next level. What they don’t tell you about are the other skills you may need that they don’t teach. This guide will give you the practical advice and inside knowledge to becoming a top notch Personal Assistant.

Jockeying for the same position, how do you beat the competition to the finish line? You’ll need an edge. Something that gives you a big advantage over others. In this guide you’ll get tips and techniques on networking, how to use connections you may already possess. Tips on volunteering. And the most coveted methods for going through the back door to get to the top.

Do you know exactly how to avoid the mistakes that can keep you from finding that amazing job?

In a running race the difference between the winner and those who come in second or third comes down to microseconds. Not days, not hours, not minutes, just seconds. When you lose out on a job it’s not that you were the worst, but more likely that someone was slightly better than you. So how do you get the edge over the competition? The tools inside the Essential Handbook for Personal Assistants will let the person hiring know instantly why they need to choose you over the other candidates.

How do you know what "must have" tools you’ll need to do the job right?

Even the most seasoned Personal Assistant may not have all the tools he needs at his disposal to get the job done right. So where do you get them? How do you know what you’ll need? Inside the guide are techniques and systems to enable you to find and use the proper resources to handle every task. You’ll be given the steps to make sure every goal you set gets completed.

"You know about them, you’ve heard of them, but rarely will you ever see them. At least not the exceptional ones. They run in the circles of the rich and famous in a "Where’s Waldo"-like fashion. They speak on a daily basis to the A-list celebrities, heads of State, creators of multi-million dollar corporations, sought-after lawyers, doctors in demand, top athletes, powerful executives, and brilliant entrepreneurs, yet you rarely ever take notice of them, or hear of their amazing deeds. These little known yet integral parts of our society have been around for many years. They go by the often ambiguous title of Personal Assistant.

The dream is real. You too can do all of this and more. In fact thousands of people do every day. They’re not all rich, may not have celebrity status, perhaps don’t own a fancy house, and they might not even possess a large bank portfolio. So who are these people? They are the Personal Assistants who work for the rich, the famous, the tops in their fields, the crème de la crème.

The world of the Personal Assistant can be exciting and fast paced. It can take you through a hundred new experiences in a week and promises to always keep you challenged. The job can make you laugh and it can make you cry. Its addictive nature can thrill you, making you beg for more.

This… Read more…

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