Candy Crush Online » Greetings Candy Crusher

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Candy Crush Online » Greetings Candy Crusher
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Hello my fellow Candy Crusher!   If you have been crushing candy, then just like the other 100 million Candy Crush Saga users knocking their heads on their walls from time to time, you are definitely no stranger to frustration. If you are reading this, whether intentionally or by coincidence you ARE looking for some information on Candy Crush..

– Felt that you were ‘so close’ to the finish line and yet you didn’t complete..

Let me tell you a story of how we started playing Candy Crush. A couple of our girlfriends were playing this game and we were telling them how ridiculous and an utter waste of time this ‘matching game’ is, and hasn’t everyone already gotten bored of these types of silly games. We further dug our own graves when we said that this game is EASY especially for experienced gamers like us and took up their Candy Crush challenge..  

Now I have not yet met anyone whom plans to pay for anything to play Candy Crush. I mean seriously that is like saying that they plan to fail.. What’s worst is the thought of paying to play a game that is already free-to-play ? Sure does sound silly !   Well we have news for you.  

We have had many of our silly moments over the past 1 year and after painfully completing Candy Crush Saga’s 575 Levels challenge with uncountable hours, a friend of ours decided to start playing this game. She has been har ing us on HOW we managed to get through every level so quickly and WHY it is possible for some players do get such high scores. It occurred to us.. we should share what we know, as we believe no one should have to make the mistakes we made and spend the money we did.   

I know you must be thinking, sure sounds great but I’m a seasoned gamer.. The exact same thoughts we had and we found out the HARD way. Simply put, if more than 100 million people are spending real money and helping Candy Crush become one of the top earning games EVER on the Appstore, what does this actually tell us ?

Now, not only did we put thought into creating this Guide, we collectively got together with our friends and sat down to compile all the essential tricks,secrets and strategies of what we should have known and done from the very start. We later tested this through our group of friends and this is why we decided in order to continue making updates, we should share this for a small price for our efforts to make our Guide complete and accurate. 

Because the Game board changes every time, a Guide or Video on how to p EVERY level doesn’t help at all..This is about ‘how to fish’..

Because we are sure that you will like Candy Crush Online, we are giving you a RISK-FREE GUARANTEE for your investment !    

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This is the sole creation of All characters, names, places and all other aspects regarding Candy Crush Online are the property and trademark of their respective owners. Read more…

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