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Cover Letters
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STOP writing cover letters the hard way! STOP scratching your head trying to figure out what to say and then wondering why they don’t call you…

"Now You Can Instantly Create Brilliantly Crafted and Customized Cover Letters With A Single Mouse Click So Powerful They Can Make Your Resume Stand Out And Your Phone Ring Off the Hook For Interviews… No Head Scratching Writing Required!

The new software program that automates your job hunt with the letters that get you interviews – instantly creates powerful cover letters in most any email or word program! Cover letters from the Job Hunting Authority and Best Selling Author: Phil Baker Author of the BestSeller Employer Secrets

"These letters are on fire! They make the cover letters I’ve seen on the web look like attempts. When you use this system you feel like you just struck gold. I got a call for an interview right off the bat." – Jim Stahl Maryland

"After losing my job of 7 years, in just five months I was behind on my mortgage. I paid a well known career firm $190. for a resume and cover letter and although I sent out dozens everyday for months, I was getting nothing. Then I stumbled upon your web site. I used the Sense of Urgency cover letter and two weeks later had my first interview. The One Click Cover Letter Creator got me in the door and back to work! Thank you."

After screening thousands of cover letters and resumes I know most job hunters have no idea why they get little or no response from employers.

Most people job hunting. Maybe you’ve been there. Stressing over your resume, proofreading it like crazy, scanning the ads, sending out resumes, and….. WAITING… and WAITING… and WAITING!

You have more compe ion for a job today than ever before. Like a hungry pack of wolves, people are flooding employers with resumes – tens of thousands of resumes. If you have been looking for work you no doubt already know the job hunting statistics are staggering:

What is different about the "chosen resume" the 1 in 579? Most job hunters do not know how resumes are being chosen.

MY CONFESSION: I was once naive enough to think that employers made decisions about which resumes to choose for interviews by some type of scoring system; Like job experience for each qualification was tallied by years and matched against other candidates. When a call never came for an interview, I presumed that was simply because other people had more qualifications than me.

Then when I began working behind the scenes with employers, I discovered how much of a fairy tale my presumption had been.

Employers do not always interview or hire the most qualified person for the job. While qualifications for jobs are important, employers pick resumes for interviews based on dozens of other criteria than qualifications.

The first criteria employers use to review your resume is your cover letter! Your cover letter is most always read before your resume. Employers form an opinion about you before they ever see your resume.

When I surveyed 107 HR resume reviewers and decision makers, one of the top reasons they stated for choosing a resume is because the resume or cover letter "felt right."

At first I thought this was absurd! How can a resume or cover letter feel right? Since then I have heard this again and again from many employers.

Upon seeing so many people struggling to get a job, I wrote the best selling book: EMPLOYER SECRETS and How to Use Them to Get the Job and Pay You Want. This book has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

After writing Employer Secrets, the US Government came knocking at my door requesting my permission to use my revolutionary job hunting methods for training. (I said sure.)

Since then I have written several more books and hundreds of articles on job hunting, resumes, and cover letters and also created

All this is important to you because I can and am going to show you how you can beat the odds. How to get your calendar booked full of interviews and have a heap of job offers to choose from. Exactly what to do whether you are a seasoned career professional or new graduate.

After years of working behinds the scenes with employers screening resumes and cover letters, and years of creating some of the best copy writing for sales and marketing in the world, I put all this knowledge and skill to work creating cover letters.

I didn’t just write some cover letters and sit back and admire them. I wanted to road test every one. After recruiting some help we began sending these cover letters and recording the results.

Extensive split… Read more…

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