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"I thought I had a great engineering resume until I downloaded and used the Best Engineering Resumes 2013.

Compared to the resumes I had found on google I though I was doing alright but I soon realized that I wasn’t even close!. Thanks for opening my eyes.

An absolutely essential guide to all the crucial errors we have seen over years of reviewing engineering resumes. Now you can avoid them before they hurt your chances.

"For months I have been applying for jobs with absolutely no calls, there just didn’t seem to be any interest in engineeers with my background.

I took your advice and fixed several terrible mistakes on my resume and now I have 4 scheduled interviews with employers in San Diego county.

After I tried this I got an immediate response. I’m looking forward to the interviews and given the number of calls I probably will no longer need to move. Thanks. You saved my job search."

It seems like I just could not put my thoughts down in a short letter in a way that made any sense! I wrote, rewrote and then wrote some more… I did not like what I had at all. Since I got this collection my cover letter makes a lot of sense, it is clear, full of great information on my background and experience and looks really great.

Very highly recommended. Advice is specific for engineers and I did not find anything like this before.

When I looked at the content of this ebook I realized how much I had been wasting my time… In about 30 minutes I had an absolutely fantastic looking cover letter with professional content. I has several mistakes in my original letter that I was able to fix. In one of the interviews a manager complimented me on the cover letter I had sent in and told me how it had made it much easier for her to understand my resume and career progression. This is great material and I’m loving my new job.

I have written and used 3 cover letters with the help of this guide and all of them resulted in interview calls. My problem now is I don’t know which job offer to chose! Thanks!

I have a bit of experience interviewing as I’ve worked as a contractor for 18 years changing jobs every 24 months or so. This ebook really has a lot of great suggestions that I can totally confirm as right on the mark. I just got the book about one month ago as I am currently on the market again and interviewing like crazy. Little things make a big difference in interviewing. The response I have gotten after this is much higher than ever before!

The art of negotiating better conditions for yourself and your family What every engineer must know about how to approach management to improve compensation

I honestly didn’t think I would learn much from this book but I loved everything else in the collection so I got it and read it anyway. I had not thought about the idea of increasing my compensation until I read this. Well after reading this I followed the strategy to negotiate more vacation and I got one extra week! All I can think of is that I should have read this ebook earlier. I now have more time for my children and for traveling and it cost me literally one half hour conversation with my boss! Read more…

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