Battlefield 4 Strategy Guide Complete BF3 Guide

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Battlefield 4 Strategy Guide  Complete BF3 Guide
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Welcome to… Battlefield 4 is here and it is an AWESOME game – I don’t need to tell you that! BUT… Do you get fed up? Are you sick of getting killed all the time? Are sure that people are hacking! Think the ONLY people that are good at Battlefield 4 are playing it 12 hours a day! If you want to get better at Battlefield SUPER FAST and learn the REAL SKILLS people are using then you need: BF4 Dominator

Why BF4 Dominator? Is It Just Another Guide? Battlefield 4 changes everything up! You have larger squads, the ability to use cover (you need to know how to do this properly), sea battles as well as air plus faster ways to upgrade while playing the field plus when you add in the face you have new game modes you have a NEW game to master. The truth? A written guide will NOT cut it! Do this, do that! How are you meant to read and get the skills you need to DOMINATE? You CAN’T! OR if you could you would be a DECENT player anyway. Imagine this though: “What If You Could Have One Of The BEST Battlefield 4 Players Sitting With You And SHOWING You Exactly What To Do To Dominate?!”

Well that is EXACTLY what you get with Battlefield 4 Dominator! You get a COMPLETE written guide AND video guide that will show you EXACTLY how to dominate the new game modes, multiplayer and also the campaign! In fact we give you a COMPLETE walkthrough of the campaign in video format! The REAL fun begins with the multiplayer videos however! If you want to CRUSH the compe ion wait until we show you how! Want Proof We Can Shoot Hit More Than The Broadside Of A Barn?

What Is Battlefield 4 Dominator REALLY About? We want you to get them back! All those times you were “teabagged”, blindsided, knifed or caught off guard! It is time to DOMINATE! If you are READY to become a FORCE at Battlefield 4 you can start today!

We show you how to use the weapons in the game, teamwork, strategies, vehicles, maps and when you combine all of this knowledge you will become unstoppable! is the ONLY guide that will actually SHOW you how to become a better player. With 1080p HD videos that explore all areas of gameplay PLUS written guides and updates for the DLC packs for free – there is no way you can lose!

What Do You Get? The Basics – Bootcamp Master The Basics You have heard the saying “Repe ion is the mother of skill!” – Well this certainly rings true with BF4. The problem? If you are “repeating” the wrong things you are going to get bad results over and over. We shorten the learning curve and get you up and running with the basics. You will learn about and EXACTLY how to use: The Weapons: Yes, they are all different and some are better for close range, some are better for long range. I know you know this BUT when you start adding in that some are better for game modes than others and the maps you have the edge! We show you how! The Cl es: This is a REALLY misunderstood part of the game! You need to pick a cl that complements your playstyle and if you get it wrong it could be curtains! We make sure you get the right cl for you and become a FORCE on BF4 almost overnight!

Knowledge Is POWER! If we could give you JUST one piece of advice with our time together right here on the page to make you a better player it would be this: “Know The Maps And Know How To Play And Use Your Team!” Battlefield 4 is an awesome game but instead of being a Call of Duty “Rambo” style game you NEED to view it more as a simulation! We give you a written and video guide to the maps and tell you some of the best chokepoints in the game so you have the EDGE. We also actually SHOW you the strategies you need to become a VERY powerful player fast! We give you a full breakdown of EACH map as well as control points, goals and the strategies you need.

Multiplayer MACHINE! This is where you will REALLY love the guide! In fact if there is one part of BF4 Dominator that is popular it is this part! You want the edge against other REAL players after all there is no better feeling than absolutely dominating the compe ion! This is precisely what we give you! You will get an extensive guide on the multiplayer modes! We cover Conquest, Rush, Obliteration, Defuse, Domination, Squad Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch… Read more…

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