Oil Rig Jobs – How to get a job on the rigsHow to get a job on the rigs – The number one source of information about entry level oil rig jobs

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Oil Rig Jobs - How to get a job on the rigsHow to get a job on the rigs - The number one source of information about entry level oil rig jobs
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Finally… The Mind Numbing Search is over! No more Long, Frustrating Hours Spent Trying To Find Oil Rig Jobs…

Can’t believe I found your website and information. At first I thought it was a scam but you offered a 60 day money back guarantee so that gave me confidence to purchase your membership and I’m so glad I did!

The information is priceless and you give all the details and tips I need, that will help me secure a job on the rigs.

The contacts alone are worth the price you charge. I was looking at the mines until I found your website!

To: Guys who want to earn the big bucks working on oilrigs From: Matt Cinnamond Oil Rig Worker, Author and founder of Working On The Rigs 12:08 pm Perth, WA

Okay, a little while ago, I was in a pretty similar position to you: trying to find a job on the rigs.

You see I’d just come back from a long trip overseas. I’d had a blast but now the holiday was over…

“Okay.” I thought, once the jet lag wore off, “What’s the best job I can get to earn big money, quickly?”

I did a bit of asking around and a bit of searching online and the same two answers kept cropping up:

…but I decided to go with the rigs because I didn’t want to have to move to a mining town, and working on the rigs meant I could live wherever I wanted and just fly in and out for work.

I mean I certainly didn’t have any experience (all that time spent working in hotels and pubs wasn’t going to help).

After a lot of searching and more than a few dead end leads I finally found a company I wanted to work for.

I hitchhiked (told you I was broke!) as far as I could and then walked the rest of the way to their office…

NOTE: I should point out at this time that I didn’t exactly look the part of someone who’d be good at manual labour.

Like I said, I’d been overseas for a while and hadn’t even looked sideways at a gym the whole time.

Well, the truth is I did a few simple things that stacked the odds in my favour as much as possible.

And let me tell you, working on the rigs certainly lived up to my expectations. I was making excellent money and had plenty of time off.

You see, even though I landed a job on the rigs with absolutely no experience, actually getting to that point certainly wasn’t a walk in the park.

Listen, out there on the rigs, you work pretty closely with your crew. And you get to hear their war-stories.

The thing is, there are a few things you can do that will make you stand out head and shoulders above the other guys…

Once you actually land a job in the industry, people are always asking how you did it and how they can too.

So I used the information and experience I had and helped a few people get jobs on the rigs. Like my mate Ben:

When I first heard about work on the rigs I thought there was no way to get a foot in the door and the pay and time off sounded too good to be true.

The information provided is a first hand insight into what it takes to get the job. Without Matt’s help I would never have made it out there.

Perseverance and understanding what it takes are important but once you have the knowledge, you will succeed in the industry.

And once I’d helped a few people get jobs on the rigs, I realised that through my experience (and the experiences of the other guys on the rigs) I had a tonne of really useful information that would be…

Over an hour of straight, no fluff video footage, broken down into easy to watch segments covering must-know topics like:

Value: It’s tough to put a price on this because to be honest, if someone asked me to go and meet with them for the day and answer each and every one of their questions (plus cover all the stuff they should know but don’t think to ask) I’d probably say, “No way!”

Think about it, it took me years to gain this knowledge and experience on the rigs… and I’m giving it to you for free as part of your membership!

Value: Again, the research and time involved in compiling all this information has been pretty huge and it’s tough to put a price on… Read more…

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