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Dream Pilot Jobs - Your Pilot Career Hub For Building a Successful Pilot CareerClick Image To Visit Site"How A Pilot From Florida Who Couldn’t Even PAY RENT On His Flying Income – Got His Dream Job With A Prestigious Company, Living A Comfortable Lifestyle Flying A Modern Airplane To Exotic Locations, And Still Has Plenty Of Time To Spend With His Family…Even In The Middle Of An Economic Downturn!"

I’m so happy for you today. Because you are about to discover the secrets that most pilots never know – about how to permanently end the struggle of slowly climbing the aviation ladder. Instead, you will be able to do exactly what it takes to get a great job that you love, and you will be able to start TODAY.

It’s a fact. You CAN make a lot of money as a pilot flying the aircraft of your choice to fun destinations and still have plenty of time off to do what you enjoy in life. And I’m going to show you can achieve that whether you have thousands of hours – or little to no experience, even if you think your Dream Job is DECADES out of reach.

(In fact, I’m probably about to infuriate the so-called "Interview Experts" and "Career Councelors". Because I’ll be revealing all the strategies they could never possibly know – and wouldn’t want you to know anyway!)

I’m going to give you an in-depth, easy-to-follow, fast-track education in pilot employment COMBINED with a personalized training system and step-by-step techniques for building high-value contacts, setting up interviews, impressing employers, and simply getting hired (and totally humiliating your compe ion in the process.)

Let me start by asking you a few very important questions… (See if at least one of these rings true)

Well, what if I told you there IS a way to get an awesome permanent job flying the aircraft of your choice, with people you like, and that you don’t have to wait any longer?

Seriously, if I told you there is a "better way – something innovative that you could do to set yourself apart from all that compe ion and get yourself on a direct track to the pit of your dreams – and in just a few months from now, youll be able to sit back, smile, and really enjoy your best years, wouldnt you want to get started right now?

But before I continue, You might want to grab a pen and paper and take notes. Because this presentation is going to be on this page for a limited time. What Im about to reveal to you here is going to give you such a huge advantage out there in the pilot world that theres no doubt in my mind that it will take you to the next level, success wise.

But I know full well that if I were to let EVERY pilot get their hands on this, and they were ALL out there using the strategies youre about to learn, it would become less effective overall. There is a certain amount of commercially rated pilots in the world, and Ive decided to remove this page when only 1% of that number has seen this.

So, this page could be gone tomorrow, Im just letting you know now so I dont get too many complaints.

It feels good not having to worry about money. And it feels good being excited to go to work, just knowing how much fun you’re going to have.

And what feels GREAT is the confidence of knowing that you have the POWER to make your life happen FOR you anyway you want.

I’m just a pilot like you. Im definitely no Chuck Yeager Sky God but I think Im the kind of guy that a good company would want to hire. I mean, I can learn to fly anything with enough practice, I give 110% in effort, and Im good company in the pit.

I got into flying for the sort of "Romantic Adventure" that I still believe it can be. I was the little kid who loved my airplane toys. I still remember my first trip to the airport when I got to see that amazing airliner pit and talk to the Captain. That guy was my hero! And I’ll never forget my first flight lesson and the rush I felt when I pulled back on the yoke and left the ground. (It still gets me every time!)

So a career as a pilot seemed like a great way to have a lot of fun doing what I loved. I could make a lot of money, travel, and avoid having to "work for a living" in an office like my parents.

There were those pay-to-play regional airline programs. And I was told a lot of empty predictions about pilot shortages.

But in general, I can honestly say… Read more…

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